Oktoberfest Munich Throws Out Iconic Beer Tent

Image of front of Hippodrom beer tent in Munich.

The tradition laden Oktoberfest in Munich has banned the celebrity favorite Hippodrom Beer Tent from the 2014 festival.  After 111 years the Hippodrom is out and their spot on the Teresienwiese (fairgrounds) has been taken by proprietor Siegfried Able’s “Marstall” tent. 

New Marstall beer tent takes Hippodrom’s spot at Oktoberfest.

Hippodrom was famous for its celebrity guests including Boris Becker, Wladimir Klitschko, Thomas Gottschalk and many others.  At 4200 seats it was one of the smaller “big” tents at Oktoberfest.  The “hip” attracted a certain type of party crowd and was famous throughout Europe.  Unfortunately its owner appears to have broken German tax laws and the tent was banned.  This was posted on the Hippodrom’s website:

  • “Dear Sir or Madam,
    2014 marks the end of a 111-year tradition. Unfortunately the HIPPODROM tent will no longer be represented at the Oktoberfest.   We would like to thank all of our longtime and loyal guests and staff who have helped making the HIPPODROM a special and popular institution at Munich’s Oktoberfest for the past 19 years.   The tradition of the HIPPODROM will continue at Munich’s Frühlingsfest (spring festival) held yearly on the Theresienwiese (www.hippodrom-fruehlingsfest.de).   We look forward to welcoming you at Munich’s Frühlingsfest,  your Family Krätz  with the entire Hippodrom team.”

The family of Able has operated a small venue on the fairgrounds.  Now with the absence of Hippodrom the Marstall is under construction for the September 20th opening of Oktoberfest.  Marstall is the old German word for the royal riding school.  The Oktoberfest is nothing if not traditional.  They stopped racing horses year ago.  However the original wedding festival, started in 1810, was celebrated with days of horse races. 

Image of Oktoberfest fairgrounds in Munich.
Oktoberfest fairgrounds in Munich.

The Marstall Beer Tent will have a horse type theme with 3200 indoor seats and a 1000 seat outdoor bier garden.  The showpiece of the tent is a carousel musician’s stage.  Music starts at noon with traditional Bavarian songs and the entire tent transforms around 6:30 pm to festive live party music.  Food service ranges from upscale cuisine with top class service to a traditional Bavarian menu.  Marstall will serve freshly poured beer, popular champagnes, and fine wines.

So 2014 finds us out with some old and in with some new at this year’s event.  Say goodbye to the Hippodrom.

Image of the former Hippodrom beer tent at Oktoberfest Munich.
Former Hippodrom beer tent at Oktoberfest.

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