Pink Corn Maze Supports Breast Cancer Treatment

Many guests at the Taylor Ranch corn maze in Fletcher, North Carolina this Fall will probably do a double take as they walk through the field of corn. And I’m not referring to the fact that they are going to get lost. I’m talking about the pink corn that is on the stalks.

That’s right. I’m not hallucinating. You won’t be either. There will be a six acre pink corn maze. I thought that last week’s post about underwater pumpkin carving was an unusual find. But pink corn? That definitely tops it.

The pink corn is Indian corn developed by the Hopi Indians in the American Southwest and then enhanced with other varieties. As I searched around the internet, I discovered that it is generally called Hopi Pink and used for flour. But I think that the use of it by the Taylor Ranch for the first pink corn maze, while raising money for breast cancer treatment at Mission Hospital, is pretty awesome.

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I can’t think of a better tie in for a corn maze than pink corn. I hope the design of the corn maze is equally amazing. The NFL is going to have to do much more than hot pink gloves and shoes if it is going to top this corn maze!

In other news, the second corn maze that I am aware of, the Sylvan Heights Corn Maze in Scotland Neck, North Carolina, opened a few weeks ago. The first corn maze opened in Pennsylvania around the Fourth of July. I didn’t have Sylvan Heights in my directory of North Carolina corn mazes. I’ve now added them (and the Taylor Ranch).

Since it is Friday, I have to leave you with something funny to put a smile on your face at work. Check out this photo of a corn maze for blondes.

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