Presidential Election to Heat Up This October

Postponed a day due to Tropical Storm Isaac, the GOP hosts the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida starting tomorrow. It concludes August 30th. This post isn’t the start of some strange personal political rant on my part. There’s two reasons that it’s an appropriate topic to mention here at Funtober.

First, the vote for the Presidential election happens on November 4th. So a lot of campaigning happens during the month of October. It will dominate television news coverage and advertisements. All three Presidential debates and the one Vice Presidential debate happen in the month of October. You can get the schedule at if you are interested. So, like sports, I can’t ignore it since it will be such a huge part of October every four years.

Second, in a Presidential election year, like this one, lots of people will choose their Halloween costume based on their preferred candidate. Political costumes are so popular that Spirit Halloween puts out a Presidential Index that it claims to be a better predictor of the people’s choice for President than polls by major newspapers. With recent polls showing a pretty close election, I expect that you’ll definitely see Democrats out in the Barack Obama mask and Republicans wearing a Mitt Romney mask. In 2008, Barack Obama and Sarah Palin were incredibly popular politician costumes

And, yes, Funtober will be selling masks for both presidential candidates so that you can dress up as your favorite this Halloween.

Mitt Romney buys pie in Ashland today

2 thoughts on “Presidential Election to Heat Up This October

  1. Sandy says:

    At the Night Kitchen Bakery in the Chestnut Hill section of Philadelphia, you can vote with your sweet tooth for your favorite presidential candidate, by choosing an Obama or Romney sugar cookie with red or blue icing and decorated with star-shaped sprinkles. The bakery is keeping a weekly tally of cookies sold for each presidential hopeful. As of last Friday, the count was something like 150 for Obama, and 30 for Romney.

    • Mr. Funtober says:

      I bet that the results of a cookie poll in Lancaster would heavily favor Romney. So I’m going to staff someone on investigating red and blue cookie sales in other parts of the country right now!

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