Spring is Here!

March Madness is over. The cherry blossoms are blooming here. And April showers have begun. It’s safe to say that spring is here.

Last fall was truly magnificent for Funtober. It was one of the busiest and most rewarding to date. We hope to have even more fun and success this year. We’ve definitely got another exciting fall planned. We’ve made a few changes already as we prepare.

You may have noticed that we overhauled the website theme. We apologize for any downtime or ugliness that may have occurred during the changeover. It still needs some work, but it should be running faster than it did previously with a smoother navigation process.

We have also just completely renovated our Halloween costume store and added a bunch of other fall products (from apple cider presses to Thanksgiving tableware!). We were able to accomplish this because we will no longer be fulfilling the orders ourselves. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. After you add an item to your cart and hit checkout, it will take you to Amazon to complete your order.

We are no longer responsible for the payment process, fulfillment/shipping or returns. You will need to follow up with Amazon if you have any problems.

Why did we make this change? We are a small operation that was reliant on a single source to store and ship costumes to you. Although they did a great job, we wanted to offer a wider selection of fall products and Halloween costumes for sale. This just wasn’t possible without moving to the Amazon Associates program. We hope you understand and have a magnificent experience. If it doesn’t work well for you, let us know and we will figure out how we can change it.

We’re also hoping to be more active on the blog and newsletter this year. We were really disappointed last year when the newsletter never came together. All I can say is that there were technical difficulties. We are a small operation and we sometimes have to cut things off when they are not working. If you missed our newsletter last year, we’re really sorry!!!

We’re counting down the last five months until September. We know you are too!

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