Welcome New Bloggers!

I realized at the end of August that I couldn’t run Funtober alone. I must have been delusional for the first half of the year. How did I ever expect to sell Halloween costumes, post to the Funtober blog, run five directories of Fall fun AND sleep? So I found some help. Three new friends for you to get to know over the next seven weeks as they post here on the Funtober blog.

Without further ado, let me introduce Megan, Kris and Sarah:

Megan Applegate is the author of the Hungry Little Blackbird, a food blog where she shares her recipes and adventures in life. As a mom of four and a foodie by compulsion, Megan is quite active in the kitchen. But her skills aren’t limited to the culinary arts. Megan is also an avid crafter. So I have no doubt that this former newspaper columnist will charm you with her story as she helps you whip up some delicious treats and cool crafts this Fall.

Kris DeGraeve is a contributing editor at How Did You Make This?, where she walks her readers through recreating her craft projects. She’s been recognized on Instructables for numerous Holiday crafts and recipes, including Second Prize in the 2007 DIY Halloween Food Contest for her Blood Spattered Extra Satanic Deviled Eggs recipe. When I showed a few of Kris’ Instructables to a crafting friend, she said, “YOU HAVE TO GET HER ON FUNTOBER!”

Sarah Ehman is the author of Looks Like Dinosaurs, where she posts about her Babysaurus and craft projects. As a graphic designer and artist in a creative household, I can’t wait to see what Sarah is working on for Halloween. Sarah shared with me the address of her old food blog, so I’m confident that her recipes will make your mouth water and send you rushing to the store for ingredients.

What else do Megan, Kris and Sarah have in common? Let’s put three statements from them side-by-side and see if we notice anything:

– “I … absolutely LOVE the fall season.”
– “I LOVE Halloween!”
– “[F]all, and October in particular, is my favorite time of year”.

I’m really excited to see what they are cooking up for Funtober! Let’s give them a warm welcome here.

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