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Hulk Costume Launches Brazilian Man into World Spotlight When it Won’t Wash Off

The Incredible Hulk just celebrated his 50th birthday and played a prominent role in The Avengers, the fourth highest grossing movie of all time.  But it was neither one of these two events which caused the Hulk to be in … Continue reading

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Got my Office Address and Phone Numbers

Last week, I posted about how easy it was to register a Delaware LLC.  But as I went to order a virtual office setup from my registered agent, I learned that I had not investigated the decision to select my … Continue reading

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Minimalism in Web Design

My friends fairly frequently ask why there’s no header here on Funtober.  They don’t know that it is called a header.  But they know that it is missing.  I won’t get a chance to defend the design choice to online … Continue reading

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Funtober LLC Created

Funtober is now a Delaware limited liability company. I attended the SEOmoz meetup in Philadelphia a few weeks ago. Wil Reynolds of SEER Interactive spoke about the importance of “do[ing] what real businesses do” in order to rank a website … Continue reading

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Time is Flying

Wow. Time is passing pretty fast now that the weather has warmed up here in Philadelphia. There’s only 4 months until the start of Oktoberfest. While I’ve been enjoying the weather when it isn’t raining, I’ve also been trying to … Continue reading

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Corn Maze Directory is Up!

Latest reports are that half of the nation’s corn crop has been planted in the Midwest.  That’s up from an average of 27% at this point in the prior five years. As the nation’s corn farmers have been busy planting … Continue reading

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