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Burlesque costumes are meant for fun women who want to tease a little.  A great outfit that is more tease than strip.  Dazzle your friends at parties or that special person in front of the fireplace.  Take it off?  Well that choice is yours.  Our costume is Fun Rated for lots of tease.  We ship year round so feel free to order from Funtober whenever you find yourself attending a costume party.  So put your favorite Burlesque costume in the shopping cart today.

Burlesque, as we know it in America today, began as an offshoot of Victorian burlesque, popular in London in the 19th Century. The London parodies of popular works in theatre transitioned into an evening of entertainment in America featuring comedians, Vaudeville performances and the increasingly popular female striptease performances. Although burlesque declined in popularity following Prohibition and social censorship, it’s popularity has grown since the 1990s. These performances have continued the historic emphasis on sexy teasing and costumes rather than emphasize nudity.