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Viking costumes are another instantly recognizable Halloween costume. The Viking helmet has become the legendary symbol of these Norse adventurers. The height of the Viking Age was during Medieval times, from the 8th Century to the 11th Century. During that time, they traveled widely from Scandinavia to settle and raid foreign lands.

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Steeped in history, mystery, and a touch of myth, the Vikings have long captivated the imagination of many. These Norse seafarers, known for their impressive ships, exploration spirit, and distinctive culture, have left an indelible mark on history. Today, their legacy continues to inspire, making Viking-themed costumes a top choice for Halloween enthusiasts. As you venture into our collection of Viking costumes, prepare to embark on a journey back to a time of legends, warriors, and unparalleled adventure.

The Vikings hailed from the rugged lands of Scandinavia, a region known for its breathtaking landscapes and harsh climates. Their attire was a reflection of their environment and the challenges they faced—both in battle and in daily life. Flowing tunics, sturdy boots, intricate armor, and the iconic horned helmets are all emblematic of Viking wear. Our collection aims to capture the essence of this era, offering a range of costumes that transport you to the world of the Norsemen.

While many often associate Vikings with ferocious warriors, their society was diverse and multifaceted. From fearsome raiders to skilled traders and explorers, the roles within Viking communities were varied. This diversity is mirrored in our costume range. Whether you envision yourself as a Viking chieftain leading his clan, a shield-maiden defending her home, or an explorer charting new lands, there's a costume here to bring that vision to life.

One of the striking features of Viking attire was its intricate detailing. Brooches, belts, and jewelry weren't just decorative; they often signified status, allegiances, or personal tales. When choosing your Viking costume, consider the stories these accessories might tell. Perhaps you're a warrior who has seen many battles, denoted by the numerous charms on your belt. Or maybe you're a Viking seer, with symbols and runes that hint at your connection to the gods. The potential to personalize and build upon the base costume allows for a rich, immersive experience.

For those who revel in the myths and legends of the Vikings, the gods and goddesses of Norse mythology provide ample inspiration. Characters like Thor, Odin, Freyja, and Loki have been central to countless tales, from ancient sagas to modern-day retellings. Donning a costume inspired by these deities offers a fantastical twist on the Viking theme, blending history with the allure of mythology.

Group costumes are a delightful way to enhance the Viking theme. Picture a Viking clan setting sail for new lands, or a pantheon of Norse gods descending upon a Halloween party. There's a shared camaraderie in group themes, and the Viking narrative offers countless opportunities for coordinated looks. From families to groups of friends, there's no denying the impact of a Viking horde making its presence felt!

Children, with their boundless imagination, often find the world of Vikings fascinating. The tales of grand voyages, mythical beasts, and legendary heroes resonate deeply with young minds. Our collection caters to these budding Viking enthusiasts, ensuring that they too can join the ranks of these historical figures. From miniature Viking warriors to young Valkyries, there's something for every little adventurer.

To truly embody the Viking spirit, consider diving into the character's mannerisms and habits. Learn an ancient Viking chant, delve into the art of rune reading, or perhaps master the imposing stance of a Viking ready for battle. These nuances, combined with your costume, promise an unforgettable experience, whether you're attending a Halloween event, a themed party, or simply engaging in imaginative play.

Lastly, it's worth noting the timeless appeal of Viking costumes. While they're a fantastic choice for Halloween, their potential extends beyond just one night. Renaissance fairs, historical reenactments, or even theatrical productions—Viking costumes fit seamlessly into various events, making them a versatile addition to any costume repertoire.

In conclusion, the world of the Vikings—a blend of history, myth, and adventure—offers a rich tapestry to draw from for Halloween. As you don the attire of these Norse legends, you're not just wearing a costume; you're stepping into a legacy that has shaped the course of history. So, raise your Viking horn, adjust your helmet, and set sail for a Halloween filled with conquests, tales, and timeless memories. Skål!

Short Descriptions for the Above Products:

Kid’s Valhalla Viking Costume for Girls, For Halloween or Renaissance Dress Up Party Description:
  • Polyblend
  • Size: Large
  • 100% polyester jersey knit, sequin knit, & faux suede fabrics; 60.5% polyester, 30.7% acrylic, 8.8% modacrylic faux fur
  • Sleeveless tunic has hook & loop fastener at center back
  • Tunic has neckline applique of dull silver metallic sequin knit, faux fur hem band
  • Tunic fabric has all-over print of diamond patterned quilt stitching
Fighting Viking Costume for Boys Description:
  • Cotton,Fur
  • Button closure
  • Size: Large
  • Fighting Viking Boys Costume
  • Base 100% polyester flocking 91% rayon 9% cotton faux suede, faux leather & faux fur
  • Tunic has button & fabric loop at back of neck
  • Faux fur trim at shoulders & hemline
Teetot Adventure Factory Viking Child Halloween Costume Kids Jumpsuit w/Vest, Cape, Helmet with Horns & Toy Accessories! Description:
  • Cotton, polyester and/or nylon fabrics; plastic accessories
  • Features Jumpsuit with Attached Vest, Fur-trimmed Cape and Boot Covers, Viking Helmet with Horns, Toy Dagger and Axe
  • Easy to put on and easy to wear
  • Available in Costume Size S (5/6) & M (7/8)
Fun Shack Boys Viking Costume Kids Boy, Kids Viking Costume Boys, Child Viking Costume Girl, Kids Viking Costumes Description:
  • 100% Polyester
  • Boy Viking costume includes a brown fur-trimmed shirt, matching trousers, a light brown belt and a helmet.
  • Available in sizes Medium (7-9 Years), Large (10-12 Years), X-Large (12-14 years). Please refer to size chart image for further size details.
  • High quality kid viking costume including a horned kids Vikings helmet.
  • Founded in 2009 by 3 friends with a passion for costumes, we now have 100s of designs all manufactured to the highest standards of quality, fit and design. We have offices in the US, UK and Europe.
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Warrior Viking Womens Costume Description:

Warrior Viking Womens Costume is includes: Dress With Attached Cape,Gloves,Leg Warmer
100% Polyester

California Costumes Child Valorous Viking Girl Description:

100% Polyester
Item includes: dress, cape, belt, fingerless gloves, fur boot covers and half helmet
Pictured items not included: shoes, shield and sword

Roma Costume, Inc. – Sexy Shieldmaiden Costume Description:

This sexy Viking costume for women includes a lace-up dress with faux fur detail, cape, belt, o-ring choker and horn headpiece.
This female viking costume comes in adult sizes Small, Medium, Large.
The fur leg warmers are not included with the shieldmaiden costume.

Men’s Mighty Viking Costume Description:

Faux Fur
Tunic with Faux fur trim
Cape with Faux fur collar

Men’s Mighty Viking Costume Description:

Faux Fur
Tunic with Faux fur trim
Cape with Faux fur collar

Seasons Viking Warrior Costume Description:

Includes: Top, Boot Tops, Wrist Guards, Belt, Helmet, Cape (Beard, Pants and Boots not included)
Size: Adult Large (40-42)
100% Polyester

Dreamgirl Men’s Voracious Viking Costume Description:

You’ll never stand alone in this faux leather tunic with serpent crest and gold embellishments and cape with faux fur collar. Includes belt with Celtic inspired buckle.

Leg Avenue Women’s Cozy Viking Zippered Fleece Dress Costume Description:

Ultra-cozy fleece zip up dress. Fun Viking horn hood. Warrior faux fur accents.

Women’s Viking Vixen Costume Description:

Faux Fur. Dress. Corset.

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