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10 Best Hollywood Movies Coming Out This Fall

Image of drive in movie theater from years past.

From August through November, Hollywood releases many of their blockbuster 2014 movies.  No one knows for sure which movies will be hits and last forever in our lexicon of popular culture.  Far more slide into oblivion taking actors, directors, and producers down with them thereby ruining careers and futures.  I am not much of a […]

Hollywood Movie Costumes Featured in London Museum Exhibit This Fall

London has been the focus of the world for the past two weeks because of the Olympics. But Hollywood movie and costume fans will refocus their attention on London this Autumn as, just prior to Halloween, a London museum will reveal a fantastic collection of costumes from some of the world’s most popular movies. The […]

Costumes Questioned at Movie Theaters After Batman Shooting

Movie fans have been dressing up at opening night movie screenings for a while now. I have no idea when it started. But I can remember the television news coverage from the midnight showings of Harry Potter that seemed to have every fan wearing some sort of Harry Potter costume. There was also newspaper coverage […]

The Haunted House Documentary Screamer

This fall I hope to have the opportunity to watch Screamer, a documentary about the haunted house industry.  Last month, I posted a few resources for entrepreneurs starting a haunted house.  You should add this movie to the list.  It interviews owners of haunted houses and follows two haunters as they setup a haunted house […]