Fall Things To Do As We Countdown To Halloween Day 203

Travel America For September and October Events

Here are a few of the great September and October events happening around the country.  Save up some money, start planning, and cross some items off your bucket list.  Check out this video on fall getaways.

What Is The Great American Beer Festival?
If you are anywhere near Denver in October then try to hit the Great American Beer Festival on October 2-4, 2014.  This is known as the “Super Bowl” of beer.  Denver is the home to the Coors Brewery so expect to find some beers with a long history of tradition.  You will also find more than 3000 beers made by over 600 breweries.  All beers are served in 1 ounce sample sizes for tastings.  The festival fills the Colorado Convention Center at 700 14th Street.  The Brewers Association puts on the festival.  Industry estimates say there are 1400 microbreweries, 1200 brewpubs, and 120 regional breweries operating.  Craft beer sales grew by 20% last year to just over $14 billion.  The festival features a number of beer contests.

Nederlander Concerts Will Promote Sunset Strip Music Festival
The seventh annual SSMF event will run on September 19-21, 2014 in West Hollywood.  Nederlander Concerts will promote the event for 25 percent of the revenue this year.  Nederlander is well known in the music industry and especially in Los Angeles due to its Greek Theater and Pantages ownership.  On board are six CBS Radio stations who will sponsor the festival.  Performer, awards, and ticket information will be coming soon.

World s Top 10 In the Dark Events
I ran across an article by David Whitley titled “World’s top 10 best things to do in the dark (with your clothes on)”.  He suggests seeing the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) or the equivalent Aurora Australis from the southern hemisphere.  Why not kayak at night in Puerto Rico’s Bioluminescent Bay on the waters of Laguna Grande.  New Zealand also has a cavern whose roof glows in the dark.  Glowworms (really maggots) cause the spectacular effect.  Buy yourself  a two day hiking permit to see the sunrise on Mt. Kinabalu in Borneo.  View the stars from the Atacama Desert in Chile for a remarkable view.  Read about these and more.

Visit Castle Blood’s New Home Outside Pittsburg
Castle Blood has a new home at 100 Schoonmaker Avenue in Monessen, Pennsylvania.  Long an area attraction, Castle Blood is one of the most unique haunted attractions in the country.

See An Auto Race This Fall
NASCAR is one of the country’s most popular sporting events.  There is nothing stock about stock car racing.  Speeds exceed 200 mph.  The following is NASCAR’s Sprint Car championship racing schedule this fall at these motor speedways.

  • Richmond on September 6th
  • Chicagoland on September 14th
  • New Hampshire on September 21st
  • Dover on September 28th
  • Kansas on October 5th
  • Charlotte on October 11th
  • Talladega on October 19th
  • Martinsville on October 26th
  • Texas on November 2nd.

Formula One (F1) racing have these Grand Prix races this fall.

  • Italian on September 7th
  • Singapore on September 21st
  • Russian on October 5th
  • Japanese on October 12th
  • United States on November 2nd

If you are into hot rods travel to see the NHRA racing in Charlotte (September 12-14), Dallas (September 18-21), St. Louis (September 26-28), Reading PA (October 2-5) and Las Vegas (October 30th to November 2nd)

More than a couple of September and October fall events to check out with your travel agent.


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