Fall Things To Do As We Countdown To Halloween Day 202

Haunted Houses with Crazy Clowns and Scary Halloween Fun

It’s Friday so this must be the day to talk haunted houses as we countdown to Halloween.  What make people so afraid of clowns?  Between 20-30% of the people have a real fear of crazy clowns.  Are you one of these people?

What makes clowns so scary?
Maybe it is the wild colors or exaggerated features.  Throughout history clowns have been associated with jokers, court jesters, pranksters or scary killers.  Haunted houses in the twentieth century made clowns, circus acts or carnivals a feature attraction in about one third of all haunts.  They play on the phobia, coulrophobia, or fear of clowns. Video Experience Clowns at Terror Vision St. Louis.

There have been many famous clowns throughout history.  Most people love the Ronald McDonald clown or the many Bozo the Clowns.  If you are a little older you know of Emmett Kelly who played Weary Willie the clown.  Clowns have been an integral part of big top circus acts, western rodeos, and literature.  The ancient Greeks, Romans, and even Charles Darwin all used clowns in their writings.  Today we just make them a little more scary.

Haunted Houses Across America With Scary Circus Acts
In Florida, Busch Gardens Tampa operates Howl-O-Scream during Halloween.  Circus of Superstitions is one of their main haunt attractions.  Screamin Acres in Stoughton, Wisconsin uses a Psycho Circus 3D attraction.  Scream Town in Chaska, Minnesota invites people to Circus Asylum.  One of the best haunted houses in the country is the Strangling Brothers Haunted Circus which operates in Salt Lake City, Utah, and Irving, Texas.  Do not miss Circus of the Dead at TerrorPlex in Mansfield, Texas.  There are many more circus themed attractions across America.  I am sure to miss some really good ones here.  However be sure not to miss Circus of Screams at Eagle Point, Oregon or near Cleveland Ohio at The Fear Experience is the Centralia County Fair and Circus attraction.

Carnival Themed Haunted Houses In America
The Haunted Carnival Zombie Circus operates in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  Near Buffalo, New York is the House of Horrors Dark Carnival.  In Nashua, New Hampshire you will find Fright Kingdom and their Carnival of Corpses.  At the Wisconsin Feargrounds in Waukesha is CarnEvil.  Indianapolis has the Hanna Haunted Acres attraction Carnevil.  Near Louisville, Kentucky, is the Industrial TerrorPlex in Jeffersonville, Indiana which runs Carnevil 3D.

Clown Themed Haunted Houses In The Southern States
In Alabama try 3D Clown Nightmare at Warehouse 31 in Pelham.  North Carolina has Clown Town as part of the Darkside Haunted Estates in Middlesex.

Clown Themed Haunted Houses In The Northeast States
Near Pittsburg is one of our favorites Creepo’s Christmas in 3D at the famous Scarehouse near Pittsburg.  Long Island, New York has Uncle Needles Funhouse of Fear at the Bayville Screampark.  Spooky World in New Hampshire run the Freak Show 3D attraction.

Clown Themed Haunted Houses In The Midwest States
Visit Crazy Clowns 3D at Spooky Ranch in Cleveland, Ohio.  Wicked Clowns 4D is one of the attractions at Hauntville in Elyria, Ohio.  Also very popular are Carnival of Horrors near Akron or the Halloween Haunts at Kings Island near Cincinnati, Ohio.  Rochester, Minnesota has Fright Farm with an Underground Clown Town.  Also popular is Bedlam 3D at the Indy Scream Park in Anderson, Indiana.

Haunted Houses with Clown Themes in Kansas and Missouri
Visit Clown Town 3D at the famous Fear of Screams Haunted House in Maize, Kansas.  One of my favorites is the Darkness in downtown St. Louis with their attraction Terror Visions 3D Haunted House.

Southwest Haunted Houses with Clown Themes
Check out Cassandra’s Labyrinth of Horror at Thrillvania in Terrell, Texas.  Also find Mayhem in Amarillo, Texas or Trail of Fear in Lawton.  Nevada has Killer Klowns Rehashed Haunted Houses in Las Vegas.  Arizona has two popular haunts named The Slaughter House in Tuscon or America’s Original Scream Park with Clown Town in Scottsdale.

Oregon Haunted House with Clown Themed Attraction
Another favorite is Fright Town in Portland with the Museum of Horror attraction.

We have listed lots of clown themed attractions across America.  Each brings their own unique terror to “clowning around”.  Hope you try out a clown attraction near you this Halloween.

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