Fall Things To Do As We Countdown To Halloween Day 206

October Fun Things To Do This Fall

Exciting Fun At RiverRocks Festival in Chattanooga
Ten days at RiverRocks is unlike any other festival you have ever attended.  It features music, great food, and unusual outdoor activities.  It runs from October 3rd through the 12th.  Events include rock climbing, trail runs, rowing, river distance swimming, paddleboats, and rappelling off a downtown office building.

Eli Roth Thriller “Knock Knock” to Star Kneau Reeves
Kneau Reeves will headline a new psychosexual thriller produced and directed by Eli Roth.  Also staring is Ignacia Allamand and Colleen Camp who Roth put into his movie The Green Inferno which is coming out in September 2014.  Knock Knock probably will be in theaters in late 2015.

Themed Entertainment Association Gives Lifetime Achievement Award
Garner Holt, founder of GHP (Garner Holt Productions, inc) received the Lifetime Achievement award for distinguished achievement by the industry trade association.  He is an animatronics wizard who has worked on more than 500 projects including Disney, Universal, and Cedar Fair parks and other theme park attractions all over the world.  He has built more than 5000 animatronic figures, plus props, sets, and scenes.  If you have been to a theme park in the last 30 years you have probably seen one or more of his works.

Madison Mallards hosts Oktoberfest type event
Madison Wisconsin minor league baseball will never be the same.  This October 4th the Mallards will put on Ducktoberfest starting at 1 pm at the stadium.  Event includes games for all ages, live polka bands, weiner dog races, and German foods.  Of course there are lots of craft beers to sample.  Entry is free to the public.

Food Holidays in October
October is known for a number of foods.  It is celebrated for Cranberry Month, National Chilli Month, National Prok Month, and American Cheese Month.  Of course it is also known for Columbus Day, Canada’s Thanksgiving day, and World Egg Day.  There are plenty of foods associated with Halloween but probably candy is the number one food that comes to mind for October.

Food Vendors Register Now For Groton’s Fall Festival
The ninth annual Groton Fall Festival will run from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on October 11th, 2014.  Located in downtown Groton, Connecticut in the Poquonnock Plains Park.  It features craft displays, food vendors, and entertainment.  Vendor sign up just started and you need to register by July 18th to sell food or man a booth.

Stop back tomorrow as we continue with Fall Things To Do As We Countdown To Halloween.

Image of three hot air balloons floating near a large hill.
Fun things to do this fall – take a ride in a hot air balloon. depositphotos [pat138241]

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