Fall Things To Do As We Countdown To Halloween Day 207

Image of person rappelling down the side of a building

Crazy Fun Things To Do In October

On my countdown to Halloween I was looking at the RiverRocks festival in Chattanooga when I was inspired to look at some unusual October things to do.  RiverRocks has an event in which people rappel down the side of a 29 story building.  It looks like crazy fun.  So I began to look into this rapelling thing.  The video below show how Over the Edge works.

Try Over the Edge USA For Some Fall Fun
What non-profit organization benefits a number of charities and raises millions.  Over the Edge USA gives everyday people the chance to rapel down the side of a building.  Talk about a thrill.  I first saw this in Chicago around eight years ago.  The spot was on the miracle mile and everything stopped to watch as people started coming down the building.  It was so much fun to watch.  Last night I was surprised to learn how many events they hold around the country in September and October.  They have 39 events scheduled this fall in cities like Chicago, Minneapolis, Indianapolis, Nashville, Philadelphia and lots more.

Hang Gliding For Crazy September Fun
If rapelling down the side of a building is not enough of a thrill consider hang gliding.  It looks like fun but not something I would ever try even when I was younger.  Watch this hang gliding video.

Base Jumping is like leaping off a tall building.
Ever think you might like to jump out of a plane and parachute from 10,000 feet.  If you have that bug then consider the exciting activity of Base Jumping.  These people are absolutely crazy but I must say they appear to be having a lot of fun in this video.

Hope you enjoyed these fun things to do even if you never have the opportunity or desire to do these activities.  In the next post we go back and take a closer look at the RiverRocks festival and more.

Image of person rappelling down the side of a building
Crazy Fun Things To Do – Rappelling down a building. depositphotos [londendeposit]

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