Preparing for Frankenstorm at Funtober

My last Saturday in October started with a trip to the grocery store. Frankenstorm (aka Hurricane Sandy) is bearing down on the East Coast and it pays to be prepared. So I’m now the proud owner of 30 bottles of water. It eerily reminds me of last year, when a nor’easter deposited snow for Halloween 2011. With Philadelphia (and much of the East Coast) under a state of emergency until Tuesday evening, I expect that a number of Halloween events will be cancelled. The weather is supposed to clear up by Wednesday evening. Hopefully the various power companies can keep the lights on and Halloween will be salvaged.

While at the store buying supplies, we discovered $1.99 pumpkins. The result was that I spent Saturday night carving Jack O’Lanterns. I thought about making my own templates, but after surveying the available pumpkin carving patterns, I decided that a $5 membership at Zombie Pumpkins was worth it. I quickly destroyed both saws from my pumpkin carving kit though, and settled in to finish the pumpkin carvings with a knife. They turned out great:

I thought about carving the Funtober logo on one of the pumpkins. But I decided to save that for another night. I settled for something else instead:

We spent a while trying to figure out how to get the letters to line up properly across the three pumpkins. I had an idea this morning that might work better, so I’ll try to get another photo of them lit later. As I was downloading the photos of the pumpkins, I also found the photos of my Dracula costume from a few years back. I’ve been meaning to put up the photo of it here so that I’m not just a faceless monster. So here’s a sneak preview of someone you should avoid on Halloween:

If the power goes out, things will be pretty quiet here at Funtober. So in that event:

Happy Halloween!

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