Halloween Displays Start in August at One Retailer

As I was at the mall this weekend checking out some clothing deals, I stumbled upon one store that had already started there Halloween displays.  It was only one prominent table in the home accessories section, and one pegboard in the pet section, but there it was.

As you can see on the right in my award winning photo of the table display, there are a number of witches, ghosts, skeletons and and skulls for your home.  I really wanted to buy a few and start decorating.  BUT IT IS ONLY AUGUST!  How dare they tempt me!

I guess I have been living in a box the past few years about these things.  When I started planning Funtober, I assumed that stores would start putting up their Halloween displays in August.  I guess I thought that Halloween would be setup after the all important back to school rush had ended.  I also thought that Oktoberfest and pumpkin ales would hit the stores in September.  What a mistake I made there!  They actually become available in July.

In defense of the retailer where I was shopping, it was a pretty small section of the store.  And you don’t really need to buy any home accessories for Halloween.  But, still.  Why weren’t they playing christmas music, too??

On a side note, the dog Halloween display was pretty cute in the pet section:

I might as well finish this post off right: Happy Halloween!


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