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This Sunday is July 1st. Isn’t time flying this year? There are only four months until Halloween. Wow.

There are even fewer days until the haunted house attractions start opening. I wouldn’t want to be one of the haunted house operators struggling through the summer to get their haunted house setup for another season of scares. But every year, amateur haunters decide that they are going to scare their neighbors, family and friends by entering the haunted house business.

As someone that is operating a startup, I completely understand how difficult it can be to follow your dreams and turn them into a successful enterprise. So I try and pass on helpful resources when I find them. Or build them like I did with my guide to starting a corn maze.

If this is your first season operating a haunted house, or you have been in the game a little while but recognize that you still have a lot to learn, check out this slideshow that was put together by a haunted house consultant. It has important information about marketing, design and building code compliance for your haunted house.

While I’m providing resources for new haunters, Haunted House Startup definitely deserves to be mentioned as an excellent resource that is worth checking out online. You would also find it valuable to attend one of the upcoming haunted house conventions. Or join the Haunted House Association and purchase a subscription to Hauntworld Magazine.

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