Oktoberfest Practice Party with Paulaner USA

This summer, Paulaner USA is touring the nation with a 480-seat Biergarten and throwing an Oktoberfest Practice Party.  It’s in the Midwest currently, as I saw notice of it recently in Iowa.  I can’t seem to find a schedule anywhere.  I hope I didn’t miss it on the East Coast.  It’s got to be the stealthiest traveling beer garden ever. If you know where it will be on what dates, please add it via the comments.

I’ve already missed one Munich brewery this year.  Augustiner was scheduled to offer samples at the International Great Beer Expo in Philly on June 2nd, but I didn’t see their booth there. After that, I figured I would have to catch my Munich beer for the year instead at the opening of the Paulaner Brauhaus in New York City this Fall, their first location in the United States. But I guess the traveling biergarten gives me one more chance to have one here in Philly.

In other Oktoberfest news, the 2012 Hickory Oktoberfest in North Carolina is looking for applicants that want to be named the King and Queen.  Perhaps it will be the jumping point to stardom for one lucky lady.  It wouldn’t be the first time.  Miss La Crosse/Oktoberfest Kate Gorman was just chosen as Miss Wisconsin!

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  1. Mr. Funtober says:

    You would think that they would do a better job advertising a promotional tour around the country ?!

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