Hot Halloween Costumes for 2012

With Halloween parties starting next weekend, there’s been a lot of coverage recently from retailers, search engines and reporters on the most popular Halloween costumes for 2013. It seems like everyone wants to weigh in on what you should be for Halloween. I’ve been asked a few times what trends I’m seeing. It’s still a little early for me to draw conclusions based on the numbers here at Funtober since this is my first year of sales. There have been a few clear winners, but they probably aren’t indicative of what people are wearing overall. So let’s take a look at more scientifically developed information to determine what you are likely to see a lot of at Halloween.

The National Retail Federation surveys individuals in September of every year asking them what Halloween costume they will wear. They then compile the information to determine the top 10 Halloween costumes for the year for adults, kids and pets. They put together this awesome infographic of the 2012 results:

Top Halloween costumes for adults, kids and pets in 2012 – Infographic
So there have been a number of recent ideas that the NRF survey doesn’t encompass. The top Halloween costumes generally relate to movie or television characters, the Presidential election, celebrities or popular 2013 memes. So Psy’s Gangnam Style and unemployed Big Bird from the first Presidential debate gained steam after people were polled by the NRF, for example. But these late breaking Halloween costume ideas have been more than adequately covered in the links below. If you are still looking for a good Halloween costume idea, perusing these links could spark an idea for you. Or, if you want to wear something unique, you’ll know the best Halloween costumes to avoid.

For 2013 the hot movies were the Avengers Iron Man followed by Superman.  Expect to see lots of Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Captain America and Superman costumes on trick or treating Halloween night.

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