London Hosts Return of ITunes Festival September 1st

Image of Pharrell Williams in concert.

Apple recently announced their 8th annual ITunes Festival will be held at the legendary Roundhouse in London, UK from September 1st through September 30th, 2014.  They will feature over 60 artists typically pairing an up and coming star each night with a legendary performer.

While a great live concert the real news is it is streamed live to apple devices around the world so millions can purchase online and watch live.  Here on the east coast of the United States the concerts will be broadcast with the opening acts around 2:45 pm EST with the headline artists taking the stage at approximately 4:00 pm.  It will end each night around 5:30 pm.  (Note the live performances on London time are 7:45 pm to 10:30 pm.)

Image of Adam Levine and Maroon 5 in concert.
Adam Levine and Maroon 5 perform live. Photo at [lunchbox lp]
Clearly Apple is going to make millions off ITunes for this event.  I did not see the exact ticket cost details.

What did catch my eye was that the young boy group 5 Seconds of Summer is scheduled to perform live on Thursday, September 4, 2014.  I just watched them this morning as they appeared on the NBC Today show with Matt Lauer before a packed plaza audience.

Fans of the Today show can remember some of the memorable live performance on the small plaza stage.  No one has appeared who created the type of fan buzz as this 5 Seconds of Summer group.  You heard it here.  Justin Bieber and One Direction move over as a new group is winning the hearts of the 14 year old girl crowd.  Never have I seen so many teenage girls all screaming at one time.

Now I am old enough to remember the Beatles US landing back in the 60’s, the Rolling Stones, and lots of groups since then.  Never have I see a crowd react as they did today.

So anyway, ITunes announced a lineup with headliners Adam Levine and Maroon 5, Pharrell Williams, Blondie, Kylie, Robert Plant and more.

Here is the line up and dates announced so far.

Beck performs on Tuesday, September 2nd.
David Guetta performs on Wednesday, September 3rd.
5 Seconds of Summer takes the stage on September 4th.
Kasabian performs Friday, September 5th.
Galvin Harris takes the stage on Sunday, September 7th.
Robert Plant performs on Monday, September 8th.
Sam Smith sings on Tuesday, September 9th.
Pharrell Williams with Jungle performs September 10th.
Maroon 5 headlines the night of September 11th.
Blondie & Chrissie Hynde performs on September 16th.
Kylie announced for September 27th.

I have not seen details or announcements for other nights or performers.  Check out this video from the 2013 concert with Lady Gaga.

The Roundhouse was built in 1847 and used as a massive railroad repair shed.  It has undergone many transformations including an arts center in the 1960’s, a punk rock and pornography venue in the 1970’s and in complete disrepair for 20 years from the 1980’s.  However since the early 2000’s it has been remodeled as one of London’s best live event and fanciest theaters.

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