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We encourage qualified bloggers to write for us.  Guest posts are welcome at Funtober.  Please comply with our Guest Post Guidelines.  If you have a question email Wayne Melton at wayne [at] funtober [dot] com.

Funtober is about fall fun and includes information on fall activities including Halloween, seasonal food and deserts, Oktoberfest, fall festivals, haunted houses, concerts, farm agritainment, theme parks, and lifestyle.  In the last 12 months we had nearly one million visitors to Funober.  Over 50% of those readers visited during September and October.

Guest post topics might be related to the following:

  • Fun Things To Do (mid August through Thanksgiving)
  • Pumpkin Recipes
  • Apple Recipes
  • Halloween Recipes
  • Oktoberfest Recipes
  • Halloween Deserts
  • Seasonal drinks, cocktails, and beer.
  • Haunted Houses and Reviews
  • US Travel
  • Tell us about your experience at a 2012-2014 event.
  • US or Munich Oktoberfest information or experience
  • Halloween Crafts

How to Submit Your Article

We encourage bloggers to submit a title and brief outline to [email protected] just to make sure we are in agreement.  If you are familiar with WordPress, we may grant you access as a contributor to our site.  If you prefer you can email me the article (attachment) and separately any photos.  If you submit an article I will contact you whether we can or can not use your article.

Please Note the Following Guest Post Requirements

Post Policies

  • Except for Recipes, all other post types must be a minimum 500 words in length.
  • Your article must be original and not published elsewhere.  We are looking to serve our readers original, useful, and entertaining information.  Fourteen days after we publish you may release the post elsewhere as long as you include a link back to funtober.com .
  • Keep your writing informal and use a conversational tone.
  • Please use one or more h3 headings.
  • When writing a review avoid using terms like good or bad.  We prefer to not make judgments but to simply provide information.
  • All posts must include at least one photo with 2 or 3 preferable.  Photos must have appropriate copyright for creative commons with commercial use and attribution.  We prefer featured image photos around 600 pixels in size.  All other photos should be a minimum of 400px in size.
  • All photos must be hosted and not linked.  Add keywords to the ALT text.  Name images with names relevant to your post.
  • Avoid superfluous italics, bold emphasis, and UPPERCASING of words.  Never justify or center text copy.

Biography and Links

  • We ask that you provide a brief authors biography of around 3 sentences including your website link or social media links.  If available we will attempt to use the author’s thumbnail image.  We will place the bio at the end of the article.
  • You may include one link to your website and one link to another post in the body of the article’s text.  You must not include an affiliate link or attempt to market your product or brand within the article.

Social Media Promotion

You are encouraged to promote the article on various social media websites that you regularly use.

Funtober will use Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, and our own newsletter to promote the article as we deem fit.

Post Editing:

We reserve the right to correct grammar, spelling, captions, attribution, as well as to add links to other Funtober posts.  If major changes are necessary to the post we will request that you edit it appropriately before we publish it.  We reserve all rights to publish or not publish a post including removing any post for any reason or no reason at our discretion.

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