Plan Ahead: Avoid Tragic Costume Fails

Let me make a quick plea to you right now.  There’s three weeks left until Halloween 2012.  Take a few hours out of your day and decide what costume you are going to wear.  If you do not spend the time now to figure out what you want to be when you grow dress up, it can come back to haunt you.  And I’m not just talking about the long lines that you could face at the store to pick up your last minute costume selection.

Just ask Roger Garrison, the Atlanta sheriff who was photographed in a KKK costume at a Halloween party almost thirty years ago.  The photos were released this summer by an Atlanta news station.  Big deal.  You may be thinking: I’ll never be in a public position where photos of my costume will become a controversial aspect of a re-election campaign for a political office.  But the photos can still be an embarrassment.  The internet does not forget.  There’s multiple sites on the internet where your pictures can end up.  Just ask the people in the costume fail pictures posted on Costume Fail, Costume Pop, Fail Blog and Epic Fail.

So spend some time to actually think about your Halloween costume.  Order it online to avoid waiting in long lines at the costume store.  Leave plenty of time in case there’s a problem with your costume or you need a different size.  And avoid the last minute costume decision-making process that leads to costume fails!


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