Carve a Fancy Pumpkin with a Tattoo Pattern

Opened up my Facebook page yesterday to discover pumpkin carving tattoo patterns from Pumpkin Wow.

I just mentioned on Friday that I had finished my section on pumpkin carving.  It may already be obsolete.  In the section on pumpkin carving patterns, I detailed the process of poking holes through the stencil onto the pumpkin and then using the holes to guide your cuts with the knife.  I’m not so sure that is the best way anymore.

Pumpkin carving tattoo patterns look like a substantially easier way to carve a pumpkin. You simply apply the tattoo to the pumpkin, then cut out the black sections. It eliminates confusion over which dots to connect and you no longer have to stab your pumpkin repeatedly with a push pin before caving. Pumpkin carving has been brought into the 21st Century! And they even have designs for carvings from Ray Villafane. I am going to have to buy one or two of those this Fall.

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