October 2012 Release Date for Microsoft 8 and Tablets

If you are going to release an electronics product to maximize sales and buzz during the Christmas selling season, October is the time to do it. And it seems likely that there will be a number of new products on store shelves this year. No where are we likely to see more new products available for sale than in the tablet market.

Microsoft has already announced that Windows 8 will be shipped starting on October 26, 2012. The publicity from the Microsoft Windows 8 release will probably be used to try to turn other Microsoft products into holiday gold. As such, the Microsoft Surface tablet will probably also hit the shelves this October. Here are the details for the new Microsoft tablet. At the same time as Windows 8 is released, Samsung will probably release its own tablet utilizing Windows 8 RT.

Given the launch of Google’s Nexus 7, the Microsoft Surface, and the success of the Kindle, it seems increasingly likely that Apple will announce a 7 inch Ipad mini this October, despite Steve Jobs famous proclamation that 7 inch tablets are “dead on arrival”. The amount of media attention that the 7 inch Apple tablet is getting are unreal. Analysts are predicting it (CNET). The New York Times has covered it. Wired has said that Apple would be crazy not to release one. Indeed, by this point, it might be the worst kept secret on the planet. Apple has been working on the device since 2009. Leaks suggest that the Ipad mini will have a 7.85 inch screen and an initial price of between $249 and $299. After reading this press coverage, I’m sure you’ll agree that the release of the Ipad mini in 2012 seems likely. Apple needs a new hit on the shelves to join its other blockbuster products.

iPhone, iPad & iPods = iGoodness

So … will you be adding a new device to your collection of electronics this October? Or will you be waiting for someone to get it for you for Christmas?

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