Visit Secret Nuclear Bunker Under Famous Greenbrier Resort

Image of exterior of Greenbrier Hotel

Greenbrier Hotel Offers Tours Through Secret Nuclear Bunker

Are you the kind of person looking for things to do a little out of the ordinary?  Try a nuclear bunker tour.  This fall visit the famed Greenbrier Hotel in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia.  The Greenbrier has three championship golf courses, hosts tennis tournaments, business conferences, corporate meetings, and lots of weddings.  It bills itself as “America’s Resort”.  It also is home to what was once America’s super secret nuclear bunker where congress would continue our government in the event of a nuclear attack.  The bunker today is a tourist attraction for hotel guests.

As I write this today on July 4th I was reading one of my favorite blogs “The Purple Pumpkin Blog by Michelle Ordever“.  She describes a visit to a British secret nuclear bunker in Kevledon Hatch, Essex.  It seemed real neat so I was wondering if the United States had any bunker tours?  I tried NORAD but they stopped their public tours following the 911 attacks.  I did find a wonderful article by blogger Christopher Stevens who describes his visit in 2010: “A Visit to Cheyenne Mountain Complex“.

So ESPN was reporting on the Greenbrier golf tournament held over the 4th of July weekend.  Prize money is nearly $7 million so it is a big time event.  I searched Google and guess what.  The Greenbrier dates back to 1778 and today is a luxury hotel, casino, and resort with 710 luxury rooms.  It is located at 300 W. Main Street, White Sulphur Springs, WV 24986.  It has hosted many big time golf tournaments and Sam Snead was the golf pro here for many years.

Sorry this is not a budget hotel.  Rooms run $250 to $500 depending on the date for their standard room.  Average prices across all rooms are closer to $1000 per night.  Expensive, maybe, but not necessarily when compared to other luxury type hotel.  Also, where else can you take a nuclear bunker tour.

The bunker was built between 1958-1961.  It remained open but unused until 1992.  So for more than 30 year this was a secret government facility maintained to support continuing our federal government in the event of a nuclear attack.  This was truly one of America’s best kept secrets for 30 years.  When a new addition to the Greenbrier was being built the government added on a 112,000 square foot bunker 40-60 feet underground.  It was a self sustaining facility meant to house 1100 people plus staff for up to 6 months underground.  At the time it had state of the art electronics, computer, and television facilities.  It had a separate water and electric supply.  It was closed in 1992 following leaks about its existence.  Seems the public was more than a little concerned about congress being protected in the event of war.  Check out this youtube video about the Greenbrier and the nuclear bunker.

You can tour the bunker this fall for $30 at the Greenbrier.  Reservations are required.  Find more information here about the bunker tours.

Image of the lobby at the Greenbrier Hotel.
Lobby of the Greenbrier Hotel in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia. photo at [serena]
The Greenbrier seems like a wonderful hotel resort to visit this fall.  I am completely fascinated by the bunker tour and I must put this on my bucket list.  There is something about the massive 30 ton steel door and five foot thick concrete walls that were hidden for 30 years at the Greenbrier.  I am ready to go.

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