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Massachusetts Corn Mazes

Below you will find our list of Massachusetts corn mazes. Don’t forget to check out their website for additional information, hours and prices.

Boston Corn Mazes

Connors Farm – Danvers, MA – 10 Acres, Multiple Mazes
2014 Theme: America the Beautiful
Opened on September 7, 2014. This farm became famous when a woman called 911 from it in 2011. At night, the haunted corn maze opens with five haunted attractions. There are also non-haunted flashlight nights. Other activities include pick your own apples, hayrides, and other fall farm fun. Past themes have included Welcome to the Jungle (2013), The Witches of Salem (2012) and Salem Village – Headless Horseman (2011).

Marini Corn Maze – Ipswich, MA – 8 Acres, Multiple Mazes
2014 Theme: Spookley the Square Pumpkin
2013 Theme: Dinosaurs – T-Rex on The Loose
2012 Theme: Space Exploration
2011 Theme: Let Freedom Ring
Opened September 7, 2014. The Marini farm is a 50 acre, third generation family farm on the North Shore. There’s a large maze as well as a children’s maze. Admission is $10 for adults and $8 for kids. Flashlight nights are $11. Past themes have featured Dinosaurs – T-Rex on The Loose (2013), Space Exploration (2012), Let Freedom Ring (2011).

Crescent Farm – Haverhill, MA – 4 Acres
A 350 acre working farm north of Boston near the New Hampshire border. 4 acre maze, pumpkin patch, hay rides and farm animals.

Goss Farm – Dunstable, MA – 5 Acres
Opened September 13, 2014. Past themes have featured Travis Roy Foundation (2012) and Childrens Hospital Boston (2011).

Kimball Farm – Haverhill, MA – 4 Acres
2014 Theme: 4 in 1
Opened August 29, 2014. A working family farm that spent more than 150 years as a dairy farm. They started the corn maze in 2007. They also have select moonlight or flashlight maze nights. Hayrides, pony rides and slide. There is also a haunted corn maze at night. Past themes have included Boston Strong (2013), Tractor (2012) and Champions (2011).

Krochmal Farm – Tewksbury, MA – 7 Acres
Opens September 20, 2014. A family farm since the turn of the 20th Century that is owned and operated by the Cave family. Pumpkin festival features cornfield maze, hayrides, pony rides and petting area.


Davis Mega Maze – Sterling, MA – 8 Acres
Haunted Corn Maze
2013 Theme: National Treasure, Conspiracy Theory
2012 Theme: Clue
2011 Theme: Blackbeard’s Revenge
Opened in mid-August for 2014. Larry Davis began his first maze here in 1995 with a small children’s maze. It is their 17th maze. They are designed by famous English maze designer Adrian Fisher. Davis Farmland also has pick your own apples and pumpkins.

West End Creamery and Family Farm – Whitinsville, MA – 5 Acres, Multiple Mazes
Opens September 19, 2014. 5 acre maze, mini golf, barnyard jump, adventure farm activities and ice cream in the Blackstone River Valley. They also have a full moon flashlight maze at night. Past themes have featured In God We Trust (2013), USA Elected Democracy (2012) and Celebrate the New England Ice Cream and Restaurant Association (2011).

Schartner Farm – Bolton, MA – 5 Acres
Opens September 6, 2014. A fourth generation farm started in 1902. Originally a dairy farm, it is now a fruit and vegetable farm which also offers hayrides and farm animals.

Wojcik’s Farm – Blackstone, MA – 5 Acres
2014 Theme: Pirate Ship
Opened for 2014 on Labor Day weekend. A family owned and operated fruit and vegetable farm started in 1953. Cornfusion starts Labor Day weekend with separate haunted maze in October. Tractor driven wagon rides, pick your own apples and pumpkins. Last year’s theme was an island, ship and dolphin.

Western Massachusetts

Mike’s Maze at Warner Farm – Sunderland, MA – 6 Acres
2014 Theme: Animal Intelligence
Opened September 3, 2014. Warner Farm is a tenth generation family farm started in the 1720s. The cornfield maze was started by Mike Wissemann and Will Sillin in 2000. For a few nights in October, it is open as a haunted maze. Other fall fun activities include the horse drawn wagon ride and pick your own pumpkins, among other things. Previous themes have featured Salvador Dali (2013), The Sower’s Banquet (2012), and Noah Webster – Dictionary (2011).

Hicks Family Farm – Charlemont, MA – 5 (expanding to 7) Acres
A 5th generation farm with corn maze open on weekends and holidays in September and October. Haunted maze on Friday and Saturday nights in October. The 2013 theme was Oz.

Rolling Acres – Southampton, MA – 7-10 Acres
Opened September 6, 2014. Cornfield maze, mini golf, jumping pillow and water tag.

Southeast Massachusetts

Flint Farm – Mansfield, MA – 3 Acres

Nessralla Farm – Halifax, MA – 8 Acres
2014 Theme: Transformers Optimus Prime
A working agricultural farm with more than 400 acres with cornfield open in September and October. Night maze and hayrides on select evenings. Pick your own pumpkin, live music, pony rides, bounce houses and hay rides. Past themes involved Ship (2013), Cars (2012) and Tribute to our Troops (2011).

Sauchuk Farm – Plympton, MA – 8 Acres, Multiple Mazes
A 100+ acre fruit and vegetable farm which opens its cornfield for people who want to get lost in 2014 on September 20th. Haywagon rides, 15 acre pumpkin patch, cow train, jumping pillow, corn cannon, and pedal carts. 2013 theme was JFK.

Billingsgate Farm – Plympton, MA – 3+ Acres
2014 Theme: Pirate Adventure
Open September 15th through November 1st, 2014. Flashlight nights on October 25, 26 and 31, 2014, when the hours will be extended until 9 PM. Grain train offers rides to the maze or pick your own pumpkin patch. Past themes included Rainforest and Cancer Awareness (2013) and Buy Fresh, Buy Local (2012).


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