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Find two face costumes to buy to become Harvey Dent for Halloween through Funtober. Low prices, fast shipping and great selection of batman costumes. Start shopping for a two face costume or Harvey Dent costume for sale for this October today.

Batman Costumes - Adult & Kids Batman, Harley, Joker Costume Ideas for Sale

Rubie’s Men’s Dc Super Villains Adult Two-face Costume


Batman Costumes - Adult & Kids Batman, Harley, Joker Costume Ideas for Sale

miccostumes Men’s 2 Face Black and White Cosplay Suit Costume with Tie and Fake Collar


Batman Costumes - Adult & Kids Batman, Harley, Joker Costume Ideas for Sale

Rubies DC Super Villains Two Face Costume


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When it comes to Batman costume ideas, Harvey Dent, also known as Two-Face, offers a fascinating and visually striking option for Halloween. Harvey Dent is a complex character known for his tragic transformation into the villain Two-Face, making him a compelling choice for costume enthusiasts. By choosing a Harvey Dent costume, you can showcase the duality of his character and make a lasting impression at any Halloween event.

One of the reasons why a Harvey Dent costume stands out among other Batman costume ideas is its unique and transformative nature. Harvey Dent starts as a charismatic and righteous district attorney before his face is disfigured, leading to his split personality as Two-Face. By opting for a Harvey Dent costume, you can showcase the contrast between his former self and the twisted villain he becomes, embodying the tragedy and complexity of the character.

When it comes to Two-Face costume accessories, there are several elements you can incorporate to complete your look. The most prominent accessory for a Two-Face costume is the half-scarred face. You can achieve this effect using special makeup, prosthetics, or even a half-face mask. The scarred side of the face should be meticulously designed to resemble burned flesh, with exposed muscles and teeth. The contrasting appearance of the two sides of the face captures the essence of Two-Face's duality.

In addition to the face, a Two-Face costume typically includes a tailored suit, representing Harvey Dent's former identity as a distinguished district attorney. The suit should be divided into two distinct halves, one side clean and pristine, and the other side torn, charred, and decayed. This visual contrast symbolizes the inner conflict that plagues Two-Face.

Furthermore, consider accessorizing with a Two-Face coin. Two-Face is often seen flipping a coin to make important decisions, representing his reliance on chance and the unpredictable nature of his actions. Carrying a Two-Face coin adds an authentic touch to the costume and allows you to embody the character's idiosyncrasies.

When it comes to couples costume ideas involving Two-Face, a captivating choice is to pair up with a partner dressed as Batman. This pairing showcases the eternal struggle between the Dark Knight and his formidable adversary. While Batman represents justice and order, Two-Face embodies chaos and duality. This couples costume idea allows you to recreate the intense and complex relationship between the two characters, making a powerful statement at any Halloween event.

Alternatively, you can consider a couples costume with a partner dressed as another Batman villain, such as Poison Ivy or Catwoman. These pairings offer visually striking combinations and represent the intricate web of relationships within the Batman universe.

Harvey Dent, also known as Two-Face, has appeared in several Batman movies over the years. One notable portrayal of the character was by Aaron Eckhart in "The Dark Knight" released in 2008. Eckhart's performance brought depth and complexity to the character, portraying Harvey Dent as a charismatic and honorable public servant before descending into madness as Two-Face. The film showcased the tragic transformation of Harvey Dent and solidified Two-Face as an iconic and memorable Batman villain.

Choosing a Harvey Dent costume for Halloween allows you to embody the duality and tragic nature of the character. With the right accessories, such as the half-scarred face, divided suit, and Two-Face coin, you can capture the essence of Harvey Dent and Two-Face, making a lasting impression. Additionally, exploring couples costume ideas involving Two-Face offers opportunities to create visually striking ensembles that celebrate the intricate relationships within the Batman universe. So, embrace the darkness and showcase the duality.

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miccostumes Men’s 2 Face Black and White Cosplay Suit Costume with Tie and Fake Collar Description:

Mixed color black and white, it is very personal, distinctive clothes. It is for cosplay DC Comics Batman Two-Face. The costume includes suit, shirt and a tie.

Rubie’s Men’s Dc Super Villains Adult Two-face Costume Description:

Jacket with attached shirt and tie, mask, coin, and pants. Gotham Most Wanted Costume. Costumes are sized differently than apparel, consult the Rubie’s size chart and reviews before selecting your size.

Rubies DC Super Villains Two Face Costume Description:

Half-mask, pants, printed coin and jacket with attached shirt and tie. Two Face and other Batman costumes and accessories from Rubie’s are officially licensed by DC Comics. Rubie’s brings fun to dress-up with costumes and accessories kids play with all year long.

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