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Find adult costumes for Silk Spectre and the Nite Owl among our collection of Watchmen costumes for sale.  A graphic novel published by DC Comics in the 1980s that was made into a feature film was released in 2009. The twelve issue limited series was created by Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons and John Higgins.


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Doctor Manhattan – Dr. Jon Osterman is a U.S. Government employee. He gained his superpowers when a nuclear physics experiment left him with powers of strength, teleportation, telekinesis and clairvoyance.
Nite Owl – Daniel Dreiberg is a retired superhero utilizing gadgets with an owl theme. The first Nite Owl was Hollis T. Mason.
Silk Spectre – Laurie Juspeczyk is the daughter of Sally Jupiter and The Comedian. She is involved with Doctor Manhattan. The first Silk Spectre was her mother, Sally Jupiter.

Watchmen offers an alternate history where superheroes helped the US prevail in the Vietnam War. As time passes, the superheroes retire or begin working for the government. The murder of a government employed superhero in the 1980s, however, forces them out of retirement and leads to the discovery of a plot to kill millions during the Cold War.