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Robin is the superhero sidekick of popular DC Comics superhero Batman. Batman and Robin have been fighting crime since Robin the Boy Wonder was introduced in Detective Comics #38 in 1940. Together, they are known as the Dynamic Duo or the Caped Crusaders.

Robin has been making entertainment headlines recently due to speculation that Dick Grayson would appear in the 2015 blockbuster movie Batman vs. Superman. It is still unknown whether Robin, the Red Robin or Nightwing would appear. For those who didn’t follow the comic book series, Nightwing was the alter ego adopted by Grayson after he shed his status as Batman’s sidekick and stepped into the crime fighting limelight by himself. Red Robin was initially believed to be the alter ego of middle aged Dick Grayson as well, but it was later revealed that Red Robin was

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Rated 3.00 out of 5

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Robin has only been played in films by a few actors. Dick Grayson was played by Burt Ward in Batman (1966). Chris O’Donnell played the role of Grayson/Robin both in Batman Forever (1995) and Batman and Robin (1997). John Blake was played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the latest Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises (2012). The latest speculation in November 2013 is that Adam Driver is the frontrunner to be cast in the role of Dick Grayson for Batman vs. Superman.