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Find your Yon-Rogg costume to play the villain in the 2019 Captain Marvel movie. Find low prices, a great selection and fast shipping through Funtober. We have adult and kids Yon Rogg, Kree and Starforce costumes to choose from here if you want a Captain Marvel costume:

Captain Marvel Costumes - Adult and Kids Carol Danvers Costumes for Sale

Rubie’s Captain Marvel Men’s Deluxe Yon Rogg Costume


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Yon-Rogg is a military commander of the alien Kree and the leader of Starforce. He is loyal to the Supreme Intelligence and is indirectly responsible for the transformation of Carol Danvers into Captain Marvel.

Yon Rogg was a key character in the 2019 movie Captain Marvel. He was played by Jude Law. During his career as an actor, Law has received nominations for two Academy Awards, four Golden Globe Awards, and two Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Spoiler Alert: If you haven't seen the movie, do not read the below.

Yon-Rogg was sent to Earth in 1989 along with Minn-Erva to kill Mar-Vell, who was developing a Tesseract-powered energy core to help the Skrull and is hiding on Earth as Dr. Wendy Lawson. While he succeeded in killing her, the power of the device was transferred to Carol Danvers.

Yon Rogg takes Danvers back to Hala and saves her with a blood transfusion, before altering her memories so that she believes she is a Kree named Vers, who he mentors and trains. During a mission, she is captured but manages to escape to Earth and learns the truth about her and Yon-Rogg's past.

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Rubie’s Captain Marvel Men’s Deluxe Yon Rogg Costume Description:

Officially licensed in partnership with Marvel Studios, look for Marvel and Rubie’s trademark on label and packaging to help insure you’ve receive authentic item
Adult deluxe yon rogg padded costume jumpsuit with attached boot-tops, fabric belt, and fabric headpiece
Important: costumes are sized differently than apparel, use the Rubie’s adult male size chart image, do not choose based on clothing size

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