Costumes Aren’t Just for Halloween

I started adding content related to costumes over the weekend. There’s less than 90 days until Funtober begins, so I’m probably behind schedule in that regard. But I’ve also decided to close down some of my niche Halloween costume sites and move the content over here to Funtober. So hopefully it will go a bit quicker than I had planned. I won’t have the store ready for purchases until September, so until then you’ll just have to treat the content as a massive list of halloween costume ideas.

I then tried to figure out a blog post that would be appropriate for the middle of summer. And it wasn’t an easy task. Until I realized that costumes are all around us – even during summer!

One of the primary places that you’ll see costumes during June is at the movies. This weekend, for Father’s Day, I went with my dad to see Snow White and the Huntsman. For years, the Snow White Costume has been based off the famous Disney film. For Snow White and the Huntsman, costume designer Colleen Atwood got her chance to put a modern spin on the outfits worn by Snow White and the other characters. She talks about designing the costumes in this video:

But I’m not relying solely on a movie that has been out three weeks to provide an example of how there is breaking costume news around us. The Man of Steel costume for the new Superman movie coming in 2013 was also revealed at the 2012 Licensing Expo. Now that’s cool. I’ll bet that you could fill a blog with the reveals of movie costumes.

Movies aren’t the only place that you will see costumes during summer. How about your local baseball stadium? The manager of the Tampa Bay Rays, Joe Maddon, ditched the traditional dress code for away trips about five years ago and replaced it with costumes. The baseball players dress in costumes with a theme (nerds was a recent one) and raise money for charity. I love it!

I’m sure you are thinking that there’s no way you ever see the Tampa Bay Rays traveling in costume. So you are asking yourself where you will really see someone in costume during the summer. How about at a July Fourth fireworks gathering? If you go to a big public event, I’m sure that you will see someone who has decided to wear a patriotic costume like Uncle Sam.

See. It’s not so strange to have a post about costumes in the middle of summer. You can wait another couple months before you start thinking about what Halloween costume you will wear this year. However, I bet you encounter someone in costume between now and then.


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