Lego Haunted House Coming in September

When I compiled the Funtober haunted house directory this winter, I anticipated that I would receive word from a few people associated with haunted houses that had been accidentally overlooked during my search.  But I have to admit that I never looked into the possibility that a toy company would create a haunted house.  So, of course, it happened.  World famous toy maker Lego decided to build a haunted house as part of its Monster Fighters line of Legos.  The Lego haunted house will be available in September.  You can read more about it at CNET.

You’ve already seen Lego once here on Funtober.  LegoLand Deutschland, the theme park one hour west of Munich that is filled with reproductions and kids’ rides, is listed in the section of things to do in Munich with kids.

This is the first official haunted house from Lego.  But it isn’t the first haunted house made of Legos.  Mike Doyle put together this Lego haunted house to photograph in 2011.  It’s super cool and worth taking a look at the spooky photographs that he took of it again.  I also found the below photo of a Haunted Church from Puriri Devry on Flickr.

Haunted Church

If Lego sends me a photo, I’ll add it to the post later so that you can see what it looks like.  Or you can just click on some of the news links I’ve provided here.  Gizmodo has already oh so delicately referred to the new Lego haunted house as the Munsters’ House.  In reality, it is a frighteningly complex 2,000+ piece Victorian house that opens up to display a three level interior where you can put the Vampyre, bride, butler, Zombie chef and 2 glow in the dark ghosts that come with it.

I’ve saved the scariest detail for last: the price tag.  The Lego haunted house will retail for $180.  You and your family could go to a real haunted house for an evening for that price!  But then you wouldn’t have the joy of sitting down with the family and putting it together piece-by-piece.  I had a lot of fun as a kid playing with my Legos and recreating the pictures from the boxes.  I think it would be interesting to spend an evening putting one together as an adult.

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