Are You Ready for Some Football?

I haven’t done much with sports here at Funtober yet. But it is a HUGE part of Fall. October is the heart of the college and NFL football season. AND October contains the Major League Baseball playoffs as well. While I won’t be able to cover these sports to the extent that I would like this year, I expect that sports coverage will pick up in future years. It will never be ESPN. But there’s no way that I can focus on fall fun and completely ignore sports.

The next week will be a pretty big football week for me. It starts tonight with my fantasy football draft. I’ve got the first pick. SWEET!

Although college football starts tonight too, it’s Saturday’s Michigan vs. Alabama game at Dallas Cowboys Stadium that I’m excited about. Both teams are ranked in the top 10 in preseason polls and they go head to head in the first week! Oh. Did I mention that I went to law school at the University of Michigan? GO BLUE! It will definitely be a tough game for the Wolverines, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be rooting for the Maize & Blue.

Michigan Football on any Saturday

The NFL Football season starts Wednesday, September 5th. The defending champion N.Y. Giants play divisional rival Dallas Cowboys. I still can’t believe that Eli Manning has two Super Bowl rings.

Thread the Needle

We’ll have four weekends of football in October. So I ask you: Are you ready for some football?

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