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Put your tray in its upright, locked position and return your carry-ons to the overhead compartment because we are preparing for landing!

Express your desire to live the jet set lifestyle and travel to exotic locations by wearing a flight attendant costume this Halloween. As a sexy stewardess on the flight of your life, you’ll do much more than shepherd your passengers from one terminal gate to another. As a customer service representative for the airlines, it is your responsibility to make sure all of their wishes are fulfilled. As you provide first class treatment to even those with coach accommodations, you’ll do more than provide peanuts and beverage cart service. You will be required to help at least one passenger become a member of the mile high club – and we’re not talking about taking them to Denver, Colorado.

To be a part of the flight crew on Halloween, you’ll have to undergo extra flight attendant training before you earn the privilege of going in a stewardess costume. For a yet to be studied reason, there are an excess of applicants to wear the uniform of a flight attendant at the end of October. Plan to attend extra sessions on how to mix alcoholic beverages, what to do in case of a wild animal outbreak, and how to fend off sexual advances of strange creatures. Once you have earned your flight attendant costume however, you’ll be able to fly for free for life* (some restrictions apply).

Training requirements are lowered for those eager to wear the retro, ultra fashionable, old school flight attendant costumes of the 1950s through 1970s. Perfect for the first class, martini sipping crowd, these colorful costumes reminiscent of the early days of commercial flight harken back to a more relaxed and comfortable time for flying.

So pack your bag and make your hotel reservations now. For you’ll be ready to go once you purchase your flight attendant Halloween costume. If you have any problems, contact us. We provide flight service with a smile!

Vintage Flight Attendant Costumes

Were you disappointed when the Pan Am tv show was cannistered? Do you love vintage television? Wear one of these vintage flight attendant costumes this Halloween! If you have taken a close look at a retro flight attendant costume before, you will know why!  Some of them are outstanding and portray the look of the flight attendants of the 1950s and 1960s well.

Pan Am, the iconic American airline which ceased operations in 1991, was back for a short one season stint as a television show in ABC.  But the second time wasn’t a charm for them. How about a third bite at the apple?

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