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Taxi costumes are made for special sexy women drivers. We have three styles of these adult costumes to tempt your next cab fare. When driving it’s your way or the highway when you are wearing a taxi cab driver costume!

It’s the perfect sexy costume to wear on Halloween for an adult (driver’s license required for this costume!) woman. If you want to drive the guys at the party crazy or if you want a valid excuse for not drinking alcohol (you’re the designated driver!). Here are the costumes:

Whether you come to the party in the Tina Taxi Driver costume or the “Free Rides” costume, you will have all of the boys (and even a few of the girls) hoping for a ride. You’ll be having fun with the witty banter about your job all evening long.

We started this page because we believed that the cabbie costume was underrepresented at bars around Halloween. There are always tons of witches and fairies but never a good cab driver there when you need one!

While we don’t live in New York or Chicago, both major taxi meccas, we do live in the downtown area of a major metropolitan area in the United States and are exposed to taxi cabs and their drivers on a daily basis. In fact, one member of our staff has lived without a car for over a year (he got tired of paying for parking and gave his car back to his parents).

Given this experience, we’ve come to believe in a single fundamental rule about taxi cab drivers – there’s always one around except when you really need one, such as in the rain, snow, or on major holidays.

So we decided to start this website to put a few extra taxi cab drivers on the road at Halloween. Or, more specifically, at a Halloween party near you. We hope that more than a few of them will become designated drivers for the evening. And if you decide to hand the keys off to someone else, we hope you appreciate the irony of an intoxicated individual in a taxi cab driver costume.

We hope you grow as fond of the taxi driver Halloween costume as we have. We think it has earned a spot as one of the Halloween costumes that all women have to wear once before they die. It’s that good. If you haven’t worn a cab driver costume already – get yours shipped to you now!