Bank Robber Costumes - Adult & Kids Burglar Costumes for Sale

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Find bank robber costumes to buy for Halloween through Funtober. Low prices, fast shipping and great selection of costume ideas for thieves, robbers and burglars. So start shopping for a men’s or women’s bank robber costume for sale for this October today.

Bank Robber Costumes - Adult & Kids Burglar Costumes for Sale

SSLR-Long-Sleeve-Tee-Shirts-for-Men-Striped T Shirts Crewneck Cotton Causal


Bank Robber Costumes - Adult & Kids Burglar Costumes for Sale

Bank Robber Accessory Kit – One Size, Black – 1 Set


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Don a black and white striped shirt and a black mask to become a bank robber at your Halloween party. Be sure to stay clear of any police officers because they are surely going to suspect that you have been up to no good in one of these outfits. Because if you get caught red handed with some cash that is not yours, you may end up in a prisoner costume by the end of the evening.

A bank robber costume can lend itself to various interpretations, from classic crime films to a more playful and stylized look. The quintessential bank robber look often features a black and white striped shirt or a black turtleneck, black pants, and black gloves. This outfit gives a nod to the stereotypical depiction of robbers in old cartoons and movies. Another route to consider is the more modern, sophisticated criminal look, characterized by a smart suit, much like characters from "Ocean's Eleven" or "Reservoir Dogs". For a more intimidating appearance, a black jumpsuit or military-style outfit, as seen in movies like "The Dark Knight", could be the way to go.

Accessories play a crucial role in any bank robber costume. A black ski mask or bandana tied across the face is a classic symbol of a bank robber and can be easily found or made. To convey the notion of a successful heist, include a sack or briefcase marked with a dollar sign, filled with fake money or faux gold bars. Toy guns should be used cautiously and never in public or professional settings where they might cause alarm. Handcuffs can add an amusing twist, hinting at a botched robbery or capture. Don't forget getaway accessories, like a set of toy car keys or a fake license plate.

For group costume ideas, a bank heist theme provides a wealth of possibilities. Your group can be a gang of robbers, each with their distinct style and role - the mastermind, the safe-cracker, the driver, the muscle, and so on. Alternatively, you could reenact a classic cops-and-robbers scenario, with some people dressed as police officers or detectives. This could result in humorous interactions throughout the event and provide plenty of photo opportunities. Remember to keep it fun and safe, emphasizing the theatrical and fictional aspects of the bank robber theme.

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Bank Robber Accessory Kit – One Size, Black – 1 Set Description:

Take all you want in our Bank Robber Accessory Kit featuring a 7 1/2″ W x 11″ H white money bag with an embroidered “$” symbol on the front and black rope handles
Includes a 7″ wide x 2 3/4″ tall molded shiny black eye mask and 3 1/2″ wide x 8 1/2″ long shiny black gloves
This accessory kit comes in one size (fits most teens and adults) and deliver a comfortable fit and suspicious look

Super Z Outlet Large Canvas Natural Money Bag Pouch with Drawstring Closure and Dollar Sign Design for Toy Party Favors… Description:

Black “$” Money sign design on both sides of bag, essential for carrying or storing anything from piles of cash to some foods and snacks for picnics. Made out of a lightweight natural color canvas material, bag can hold a great amount of prizes and treasures.
With their large size, they make perfect birthday party favor bags to stuff candy goodie bags, gold chocolate coins, acrylic gems, gold coin toys, gold bar boxes, and other pirate party supplies during a scavenger hunt at the park or backyard bbq.
Made out of a lightweight natural color canvas material, bag can hold a great amount of prizes and treasures. Bag comes equipped with a secure knit drawstring closure for portability. Perfect for any pirate, wild western cowboy, or bank robber themed event. Great party favors for children birthdays and adults as well!

SSLR-Long-Sleeve-Tee-Shirts-for-Men-Striped T Shirts Crewneck Cotton Causal Description:

Hand wash or machine wash
Relax fit, fits true to size. High quality and good choice for halloween costumes and role playing
Lightweight fabric with stretch for comfort fit and soft to the touch

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