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Buy a detective costume for Halloween and become one of the world’s leading sleuths. From Sherlock Holmes to Dick Tracy, you’ll need to practice your crime fighting and puzzle solving before you don one of these costumes. After all, if you don’t solve the crime on Halloween, the bad guys will go unpunished!

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Dressing up as a detective provides numerous options for intriguing and recognizable outfits. Two of the most iconic detective characters, Dick Tracy and Sherlock Holmes, offer distinctive costume inspirations. For a Dick Tracy costume, key elements would include a bold yellow trench coat, a matching fedora, a black or red tie, and a plain suit underneath. This look is quite distinctive, capturing the essence of the classic comic strip character and the subsequent movie portrayal by Warren Beatty. On the other hand, a Sherlock Holmes costume calls for a different aesthetic. Sherlock's iconic look includes a deerstalker hat, a tweed or woolen overcoat (often with a cape), a suit underneath, and, of course, a magnifying glass. The costume can be adapted to portray either the classic Arthur Conan Doyle character or the modern-day interpretations from television and film.

Accessories play a vital role in adding authenticity to the detective costume. For Dick Tracy, a two-way wrist radio (or a simple watch as a stand-in) is a must-have, while for Sherlock Holmes, a pipe and a magnifying glass are key elements. Both characters can benefit from a notebook and pen for jotting down clues. To create a more dramatic effect, fake mustaches or sideburns can be added. Also, a pair of leather gloves would complement both outfits nicely. If you're aiming to mimic the more modern interpretation of Sherlock Holmes, as portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch, a scarf wrapped in a distinct style around the neck would be a good addition.

When considering group costume ideas for a detective theme, there are numerous options. A group could dress up as different interpretations of Sherlock Holmes over the ages, showcasing how the character has evolved. Alternatively, for a larger group, some could dress as famous detectives - like Dick Tracy, Sherlock Holmes, Miss Marple, and Hercule Poirot - while others could dress as iconic villains or side characters from these detective stories. To add an interactive element, the group could come up with a mini-mystery to solve during the event, making the detective theme not just a costume idea, but a fun group activity as well.

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Forum Great Detective Costume Accessory Kit Description:

Oversized costume pipe, magnifying glass and checkered hat. Instant disguise kits from rubies lets you get into costume in minutes. Ninjas, witches, wizards, cops and more: forum features all of your favorite classic costumes and accessories.

Rubie’s Costume Co Women’s Tracy Costume Description:

Tracy costume includes printed shirt, wig, and make-up kit. Create the look of a comic book page brought to life. Standard fits a 36 to 38-inch bust and 27 to 30-inch waist.

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