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Cop costumes are some of our most popular adult women’s costumes.  We sell costumes for women, kids, and men.  Yet the adult sexy costumes for women remain our most popular.  You won’t need to walk a beat to catch criminals in one of these sexy police officer costumes.  They will willingly submit to your authority if you promise to give them a pat down for weapons.

The best part of the police costume is the handcuffs.  On Halloween, there are all sorts of tricksters who need to be arrested.  And we’re not talking about the gangsters and escaped convicts, either.  More than one unsuspecting male has found his way into handcuffs due to some Halloween shenanigans.


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With all of these shady characters around in disguises, you will be saved from writing speeding tickets, tormenting underage children out past their curfew, and filling out paperwork from prior arrests. However, you will have to be extra vigilant on Halloween if you are a dirty cop because there may be an internal affairs officer out to watch your interactions with all of these criminals out and about so brazenly.