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If you are dreaming of a life at Top Gun school in Miramar, playing volleyball on the beach and saying, “I’m going to hit the breaks, and he’ll fly right by me,” then a fighter pilot costume is the Halloween costume for you.

Fighter Pilot costumes were the rage in 1986 as Maverick and Goose dominated the costume look based on the classic movie Top Gun.  Whether Air Force or Navy our fighter pilots are courageous American heroes.  Our original astronauts were fighter pilots as depicted in the movie “The Right Stuff”.  So this has always been a fan favorite outfit.

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Aeromax Jr. Fighter Pilot Suit with Embroidered Cap, Size 2/3.


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Top Gun made stars of actors Tom Cruise, Val Kilmer, Kelly McGillis, and Anthony Edwards. Say Maverick, Goose, Iceman, Viper, or Charlie and people have fond memories of the scenes in this movie. In real life Grissom, Shepard, Glenn, Carpenter, Cooper, Slayton, Schirra along with Chuck Yaeger were the real fighter pilot heroes and household names from our Space and flight adventures. Every kid in the 80’s wanted to wear fighter pilot costumes.
Of course, in today’s modern era, you no longer have to be male to fly a fighter jet. But for the woman who wants to fly combat for the military, we recommend the historically appealing World War bomber costumes. No man will shoot down your plane if you are wearing one of these costumes! Other potential fighter pilot looks for those searching for costume ideas include the Tom Cruise look of jeans, a white t-shirt, bomber jacket, and aviator sunglasses, OR a flight suit.

A fighter pilot costume presents a chance to embody the spirit of adventure, courage, and grit. This look typically involves a flight suit, which can be either a one-piece jumpsuit or a two-piece outfit, commonly in shades of green, khaki, or navy. The jumpsuit might feature various patches or badges, either real or fictional, to denote rank and unit. An alternative take could be a more vintage look, drawing inspiration from World War II pilots, which would involve leather jackets, scarves, and khaki pants. Another interesting option is a futuristic fighter pilot costume, inspired by science fiction franchises like "Star Wars" or "Battlestar Galactica". Regardless of the specific style, a fighter pilot costume communicates a sense of action and adventure.

Costume accessories can significantly enhance the authenticity and appeal of a fighter pilot outfit. One of the most iconic accessories is the aviator sunglasses, which add an unmistakable touch of coolness. A pilot helmet with a visor, although not always practical for a party setting, can further authenticate the look. If the helmet isn't an option, a leather cap, especially for a vintage costume, or a headset can be used instead. Other accessories could include a replica of a oxygen mask, military-style boots, and gloves. For the vintage fighter pilot look, a silk scarf can be a stylish and authentic addition.

Group fighter pilot costumes offer numerous opportunities for themed fun. A group could dress up as a flight squadron, with each member wearing slightly different outfits and accessories to represent different ranks or roles within the unit. If the group is interested in a specific era, everyone could dress up as World War II pilots from different countries. For a more playful take, each person could dress up as different fighter pilot characters from movies or television, such as Maverick from "Top Gun", Starbuck from "Battlestar Galactica", or Poe Dameron from "Star Wars".

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Aeromax Jr. Fighter Pilot Suit with Embroidered Cap, Size 2/3. Description:

Fighter Pilot Suit. Embroidered Cap.

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