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Find the right men’s or women’s pimp costume for some Halloween fun this October. Low prices, fast shipping and great selection of adult men and women sexy costumes. So check out our selection of Sugar Daddy and Madame pimp costumes for this fall:


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Pimp costumes can let out your inner Sugar Daddy for Halloween with one of these fun costumes. For many women, Halloween has become the one day of the year where it is perfectly acceptable to leave home in a slutty outfit. The pimp costume allows men (and women) to play off that fact.

We definitely don't condone anyone actually becoming a pimp. Prostitution is an awful business that can destroy the lives of everyone it touches. But Halloween is the one time of the year when you can be whatever you want to be, so if you want to dress up in a men's or women's pimp costume for just one day to make your friends laugh, then why not right?

There are a lot of potential costume accessories for this costume idea, including a decorative cane, outlandish gold jewelry, flashy hat and sunglasses. It also pairs well with any sexy costume as a couples idea.

A pimp costume can certainly make a statement, drawing inspiration from pop culture representations rather than endorsing any kind of illegal activity. The key to nailing this costume lies in the extravagance and bold style that these characters often display in films and TV shows. A brightly colored suit - think purples, reds, or even animal prints - is typically central to the look. Pair this with a flamboyant shirt, preferably with ruffles or a large collar. Don't shy away from incorporating elements of '70s fashion, such as bell-bottom trousers or platform shoes, as many of the most iconic pimp portrayals hark back to this era.

When it comes to accessorizing a pimp costume, go big or go home. A wide-brimmed hat, ideally matching your suit and adorned with a feather, is almost obligatory. Oversized sunglasses, gold chains, and flashy rings will add to the ostentatious look. A cane with a decorative handle can be a great prop, adding a touch of swagger to your costume persona. If you want to add an additional level of detail, consider fake fur accents on your costume, such as a fur coat or fur trim on your hat or suit.

A group costume theme that includes a pimp character opens up a world of possibilities from the seedy underbelly of fictional crime. Other characters could include gangsters, mob bosses, private investigators, corrupt cops, or even characters inspired by the 'Blaxploitation' films of the '70s. Alternatively, you could lean into the '70s theme more broadly, including disco dancers, rock stars, or movie icons of the era. This way, the group theme can stay fun and respectful, without glorifying any of the darker elements associated with the pimp character.

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Supa Mac Daddy Pimp Costume Description:

Jacket, pants, hat, neck scarf. Jacket, pants, hat, scarf.

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