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Wear a Geisha Girl costume this year for Halloween.  A fantastic party costume your friends will love the look.  If you want to be a sexy and seductive performer this Halloween, then wear the beautiful makeup and kimono of a geisha as a Halloween costume this October.

Geisha are professionals who work as hostesses and entertain costumers through art performances in music or dance.  Additionally, they are highly trained in skills such as flower arrangement, tea ceremonies, calligraphy and conversation.

Although popular culture in the United States may have intricately tied the notion of a geisha with that of a Japanese prostitute, the two are not necessarily the same.  Geisha began entertaining men in the entertainment districts where courtesans were found.  Although some devolved into the business of sex, some areas strictly forbid it in order to protect the courtesans’ business.  Today, and perhaps always, it is only the lower class geisha who engage in more than entertainment.

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Because of the sophistication of the training, buying a beautiful and sexy geisha girl costume is only half the battle. You will need to practice the confidant and elegant mannerisms of a high class geisha to project the right presence. You should also practice putting on the geisha makeup prior to October 31st. Youtube is a good place to look for videos on how to put on geisha makeup. Funtober is a good place to buy your Geisha Girl Costume.

A Geisha costume offers a beautiful representation of traditional Japanese culture, but it's important to approach this costume idea with respect and sensitivity towards the cultural significance of a Geisha. The main component of a Geisha costume is the kimono, a traditional Japanese garment. The kimono should be long, flowing, and preferably in rich colors with intricate designs. A wide obi belt tied in the back will complete the kimono. Beneath the kimono, wear white tabi socks and a pair of traditional wooden sandals, called geta, if possible. The hairstyle is another crucial aspect: Geisha are known for their elaborate updos, often adorned with kanzashi, or ornate hairpins. If your hair is not long enough or you prefer not to style it this way, a wig can be a good option.

Accessories for a Geisha costume are largely traditional and should be chosen with care to maintain authenticity. A sensu, or folding fan, is a classic accessory for a Geisha, as is a shamisen, a traditional Japanese stringed instrument. Makeup can also play a significant role in the Geisha look. Use white foundation for the face and neck, with bright red lipstick and black eyeliner for a stylized, dramatic look. Be sure to research traditional Geisha makeup to achieve an accurate and respectful representation.

For group costume ideas, consider the broader context of Japanese culture and history. One person could dress as a Geisha, while others could represent samurai warriors, kabuki actors, or even mythical figures from Japanese folklore. Alternatively, a group could portray a Geisha 'house', with different people representing Geishas at various stages of their training, from a young apprentice or 'maiko', to a full-fledged Geisha, or 'geiko'. Remember, it's essential to approach this theme with an understanding and appreciation of the cultural significance it holds.

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Delicious Gorgeous Geisha Costume Description:

Delicious Gorgeous Geisha Costume for sale for Halloween. Gorgeous Geisha is a crinkled taffeta dress with black lycra trim and full sleeves; faux wrap dress zips in the back. Costume includes dress with chopstick hair accessories. Note: costume sizing is different than apparel sizing, review the Delicious size chart and measure before selecting size.

Paper Magic Womens French Kiss Geisha Costume Description:

Includes the traditional style geisha dress, flower, and hair accessory. Complete the look with the french kiss pink fishnet thigh highs, sold separately. Made from polyester-blend.

Disguise Kimono Princess Toddler Costume Description:

Green. Brand New.

Secret Wishes Women’s Japanese Lady Adult Costume Description:

3-Piece Japanese Lady costume. Dragon and lotus red print dress with cap sleeves and mandarin-inspired collar. Wig and obi included.

Rubie’s Costume Geisha Kimono With Skirt Corset and Hair Sticks Costume Description:

Complete with kimono, skirt, corset and hair sticks. Sexy layered design features traditional asian floral elements. Long flowing kimono robe hides, sleek black skirt reveals.

Let’s Pretend Asian Princess Pink Kimono Costume, Toddler Description:

Pink kimono-inspired costume dress with floral pattern and pink trim. Solid pink obi (belt) included; polyester satin fabric. Important: Costume sizes are not the same as apparel sizes, review the Rubie’s size chart and measure your child before making a buying decision.

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