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The genie costume has been a fun choice for a Halloween costume long before Disney made its animated move, Aladdin. You know the drill for the genie. They live in a cramped bottle until it is rubbed by its owner. That’s when the genie goes to work, summoned to grant the three wishes of their master. Between Aladdin and I Dream of Jeannie, one thing about genies has become known to every kid on the playground: the first thing that you should do if you find a genie in a bottle is ask for more wishes.

Our Genie costumes look alot like the costumes worn in Disney’s Aladdin and the “I Dream of Jeannie” television show.  You too will be able to grant three wishes to your master when you wear a genie costume.

For adult women who want to be a genie for the day, there’s the classic I Dream of Jeannie costume.  There are a few versions of this costume for kids as well, as well as an I Dream of Jeanie Hat w/Hair and I Dream of Jeannie Bottle.

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Many dreams of Jeannie were no doubt brought forward with this charming TV series, starring Barbara Eden and Larry Hagman. It premiered in the 1960s and made a lasting impression on American culture. Today, you can get still get a terrific genie costume that duplicates the outfit worn on I Dream of Jeannie.
This fantasy starred a two thousand year old genie, and an astronaut who has mastered the art of conjuring up Jeannie — most of the time. Jeannie, naturally, falls in love with her astronaut and eventually marries him. Jeannie, being of a mischievous nature, always got herself and her boss and friends into many predicaments. Screen Gems produced the show and it aired for five years up until the middle of 1970. One hundred and thirty nine episodes were made and the first season had thirty episodes in black and white. Remember that? Reruns are always on and enough to satisfy avid fans.
Sydney Sheldon produced the series because of ABC’s success with Bewitched. The latter debuted in the mid sixties and was the second most-watched episode in the US. The producer had become inspired by the movie The Brass Bottle. It starred Barbara Eden, Tony Randall, and Burl Ives as the genie. Screen Gems made both of these charming fantasy series. I Dream of Jeanie first aired in September of 1965, on NBC.

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Forplay Women’s Harem Nights Embellished Bra Pants and Belt Description:

Forplay Women’s Harem Nights Embellished Bra Pants and Belt for sale for Halloween. 3 piece. Sexy.

Leg Avenue Women’s 2 Piece Sari Siren Costume Description:

Beautiful dress in a gold trimmed peacock feather print. Attached sheer sari wrap. Includes matching jewel headband.

InCharacter Women’s Exotic Jewel Of The East Costume Description:

InCharacter Women’s Exotic Jewel Of The East Costume for sale for Halloween. Sequin and satin bra with gold fringe, and chiffon pants with side slits. Chiffon veil with sequin wrist bands, contrast sash with gold trim. Beaded headpiece.

Rasta Imposta Genie In The Lamp Description:

Easy to wear, hilarious, and possibly interactive. Fez hat, lamp, vest, cuffs.

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