Pirate Costumes

Pirate costumes are more popular than ever!  It has reached the level where people dress in pirate outfits one month before Halloween to celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day.  Can you believe it?  So, argh … matey, what are ye waiting for?  We have a full selection of pirate costumes for men, women, kids, teens, pirate hats and accessories, plus even a couple outfits for the family dog.

Adult Pirate Costumes

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Sexy Pirate Costumes for Women

If you are interested in a truly sexy and adventurous costume, this is it. Sail the high seas plundering treasure from unsuspecting boats. But if you are caught, it’s Davey Jones’ Locker for you. How exciting!

There’s an awful lot of treasure for the taking on Halloween. With the right pirate wench or sexy pirate costume, you can capture a whole lot of booty in a best costume contest. You might not be able to get the pay out in gold like you would like. But a female pirate has to be able to adapt to her surroundings in order to survive in the modern age – and you surely have a way to accept green. There have been a number of famous female pirates over the years. The combination of adventure, treasure, and exotic locales are probably one of the reasons that there always seems to be a pirate wench around.

The last thing a sexy female pirate needs to know is how to handle the pirate men. After months at sea, some of the pirates may be a little too eager upon seeing a pirate wench. We recommend that you practice with your accessories – a dagger can be an effective means to keep a pirate at bay.

There’s more fun to being a pirate girl than one might initially think. For putting up with a bunch of pirates on a ship, you get complete access to the pirate treasure and that is one reward truly worth it!

Because the pirate girl / wench costumes are so popular among adults, there are a ton of different costume styles and options. Choose your fabric, fit, color scheme and more when you dress in a pirate girl costume.

Teen Pirate Costumes

The pirate costume makes a great Halloween costume for a teen.  For the guys, who doesn’t want to be Captain Jack Sparrow or wear an eye patch and threaten to make people walk the plank.  And there’s more than meets the eye to most female pirate costumes.  While I’m sure that your parents had higher career aspirations for you than a pirate wench, Halloween is only one day out of the year and they will learn to live with it.  But you had better practice the pirate code and learn the right to parlay, though, because you might run into a pirate on your travels that’s bigger and meaner than you.  In that case, you wouldn’t want to end up as the pirate booty!

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Pirate Costume Accessories
Once you have got your pirate costume picked up, don’t forget to go shopping for some great pirate accessories.  If your costume doesn’t come equipped with a sword, you’ll need to get one before you can be a swashbuckler.  And if your going to be the captain of your pirate ship, you will need to acquire a parrot for the evening.  Otherwise we will banish you to Davey Jones’ Locker.

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All accessorized up?  Don’t forget to learn how to talk like a pirate because it is half the fun of dressing up like one! The key to successfully transforming yourself into a pirate is in your language choices. If you aren’t able to talk like a pirate, you won’t be accepted as a pirate no matter how good your pirate costume is constructed and how many accessories you have collected. Fortunately, you can practice pirate linguistics on international talk like a pirate day, which is held every year about six weeks prior to Halloween. It is the perfect opportunity to work out the kinks in your costume and familiarize yourself with the local pirate dialect. You want everyone to fear and understand you if you are going to make a person walk the plank.

There is another advantage to buying this Halloween costume – you can wear it a second day of the year. Don’t forget to celebrate international talk like a pirate day in September and get a second day’s outfit for the price of one costume.

Dog Pirate Costumes

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