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4 Haunted Houses With Mass Murder Themes

Mass murder is the story behind these four popular haunted houses in Wisconsin, Colorado, Virginia, and Georgia.  No zombies, vampires, or clowns as these haunted houses have used murder as a theme.  Come face to face with murder.

Skullface Roams The Haunted Sawmill in Merrill, Wisconsin.
Video details The Haunted Sawmill:

Boy Scout Troop 599 has created a wonderful scary haunted house based on the mass murderer Vincent known as Skullface.  The Haunted Sawmill has both children’s and adult paths through the haunt.  The primary story is that Vincent had grown up with multiple personalities as a child.  Vincent was a descendant of the dark local legend of Dr. Holmes.  Vincent fell in love with Louise but the rich kid Dorian and a few of his friends objected and beat Vincent to near death.  As he recovered in the dark basement of the local sawmill his spirit was captured by the underworld.  Disfigured and wearing a skull-faced mask he attacked Dorian with an ax.  You can figure the rest but Dorian was never seen again and now anyone who ventures into the sawmill disappears.  You have been warned.  Read the full report at The Haunted Sawmill.

Legend At the 13th Door Denver Haunted House
One of Colorado’s most popular haunted houses is based on the legend of the Andrew and the 13th door.  The story is that local millionaire John Barrington, uncle to Andrew, was throwing a Halloween party at the Barrington Hotel.  Andrew had been driven insane and sought revenge.  He blocked the doors to the hotel and set it on fire.  All but one person died in the fire.  The one who escaped found the unlocked 13th door.  Today, Andrew haunts the hotel still seeking revenge against all that enter the hotel.  Read the whole story at The 13th Door Haunted House website.

The Story of Henry Lee Allen at The Devil’s Den Haunted Attraction.
The Devil’s Den in Winchester, Virginia has a particularly bloody story of murder to tell.  Back in the 1970’s a series of human body parts were discovered.  Police were never able to solve the murders.  In 1977, local vagrant Henry Lee Allen tried to confess of various horrific murders throughout the county.  Overwrought with guilt he killed himself with an arsenic pill before his full confession.  A search of his home revealed 17 and up to 30 links to unsolved murders.  Years later Devil’s Den Productions took over the house.  Henry Lee Allen, a local butcher, still haunts the country.  Read the full haunted story at The Devil’s Den website.

The Story of Herr Scudder at Chambers of Horrors Haunted House Atlanta.
Years ago the FBI raided the crime headquarters of Torture Co.  During the raid Herr Scudder took a flame thrower to the building murdering the FBI agents.  Scudder and members of the underground are rumored to continue human trafficking and torture in the area.  An army is being created beneath the ruins.  You are asked to join a team of experts to enter this underground realm to learn the truth.  Read the full story at the Chambers of Horrors website.

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