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Many guests at the Taylor Ranch corn maze in Fletcher, North Carolina this Fall will probably do a double take as they walk through the field of corn. And I’m not referring to the fact that they are going to get lost. I’m talking about the pink corn that is on the stalks.

That’s right. I’m not hallucinating. You won’t be either. There will be a six acre pink corn maze. I thought that last week’s post about underwater pumpkin carving was an unusual find. But pink corn? That definitely tops it.

The pink corn is Indian corn developed by the Hopi Indians in the American Southwest and then enhanced with other varieties. As I searched around the internet, I discovered that it is generally called Hopi Pink and used for flour. But I think that the use of it by the Taylor Ranch for the first pink corn maze, while raising money for breast cancer treatment at Mission Hospital, is pretty awesome.

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I can’t think of a better tie in for a corn maze than pink corn. I hope the design of the corn maze is equally amazing. The NFL is going to have to do much more than hot pink gloves and shoes if it is going to top this corn maze!

In other news, the second corn maze that I am aware of, the Sylvan Heights Corn Maze in Scotland Neck, North Carolina, opened a few weeks ago. The first corn maze opened in Pennsylvania around the Fourth of July. I didn’t have Sylvan Heights in my directory of North Carolina corn mazes. I’ve now added them (and the Taylor Ranch).

Since it is Friday, I have to leave you with something funny to put a smile on your face at work. Check out this photo of a corn maze for blondes.

The City Council for Simi Valley will soon place additional restrictions on what sex offenders can do for Halloween. They will be prohibited from displaying Halloween decorations or opening their doors to children on Halloween. The rest of the proposed law is set forth in the Ventura County Star article.  Other jurisdictions, including California, Missouri, Texas and Wisconsin, have similar rules.

But there’s a strong counter argument that the rules are simply the result of fear mongering among the media.  You can read the arguments on Grits for Breakfast, the Austin American Statesman, Salon, Diane Dimond, and the Forensic Psychologist.  They contend that there is no spike of sex crimes on Halloween and that police officers would better serve our community on traffic duty, since there is an increase in car accidents involving children on Halloween.

What do you think?  Should sex offenders be allowed to participate in Halloween?

As I was searching for updates to the corn maze directory, I happened to land upon the website of a company that makes mechanical bulls.  Strangest thing ever.  How did I stumble upon this company?  They also make a rodeo pumpkin.

So what is the first thing that I did upon learning that there is such a thing as a rodeo pumpkin?  I went to Youtube, of course.  I have no idea who made this particular rodeo pumpkin but it looks like a lot of fun!  I had to share it:


I hope you enjoyed this Friday afternoon distraction.  Don’t forget to have a second set of laughs by getting a mechanical pumpkin for your next Halloween party!

Throwing a good party is expensive.

The 2012 Cullman Oktoberfest recently asked the Cullman City Council for a $75,000 increase in funding to expand the event. In 2011, Cullman contributed just $6,000 to a budget of $48,000 for the 2011 Oktoberfest. In 2012, the organizers would like to work with an overall budget of $186,000 so that the festivities can be expanded. Prior to 2011, Cullman was the world’s only dry Oktoberfest; alcohol was not served at the event. In 2011, on the 30th anniversary, beer was served for the first time. The week long Oktoberfest in Alabama is scheduled to start October 6th.

That is the second festival that I have seen looking for money recently. The organizer of the 2012 Keene Pumpkin Festival floated the idea of charging a $5 admission to attend the New Hampshire festival in order to make up for a funding shortfall. Last year, the festival raised $222,000 but cost approximately $290,000. The organizer covered the $70,000 difference. The plan to charge an admission fee was quickly rejected by city officials who found it impractical to charge for an event held downtown.

Budgets are tight in today’s economy. Let’s hope that these festivals can find the money to continue with their present party plans.

It’s your last chance to plant pumpkins for Halloween 2012.  They need at least 110 growing days depending on the variety.    And it is now July!

If you want to grow your own pumpkins this year, you are in luck.  Birds and Blooms put together an excellent guide to help you transform your pumpkin seeds into pumpkins.  Check it out: Plant Pumpkins Now For Halloween.

Pumpkin Patch 100_9300

I realized a few weeks ago that I was going to need a cool Funtober t-shirt to garner attention among the other startups at a local meetup. So I’ve been brainstorming ideas. And my friend jumped on the bandwagon and gave me a push in the right direction with her favorite idea.

I’m still working on getting the store with the other merchandise ready for prime time. But I’ll be putting together a bulk order of t-shirts soon so you are more than welcome to reserve your t-shirt now at a discount. Here is the first design:

I love it. I wish that I were more artistic so that I could do some fancier things with the merchandise. It took me three hours just to change the Funtober logo from orange and black to all orange and all black in Photoshop. The pinnacle of my artistic success in life was a regional photography award that I won in junior high school. It’s been downhill since then as I pursued other endeavors. I really do need to improve my skills at some point so that I can call myself a web designer in addition to an internet marketer.

Anyhow, the consequence of my artistic woes are that I’m looking for someone that would be willing to design a few more. Since Funtober is a startup, it would be perfect for a student that wants a paying client. If you are interested, contact me. I’ve also been thinking about doing a design contest online. If I don’t find an artist or designer that I like I will probably go the competition route.

The corn maze at the Cherry Crest Adventure Farm opens tomorrow, Tuesday July 3rd.  It is the first corn maze that I’ve seen open this year.  Admission is $15 but they are giving free entry to all kids wearing a baseball uniform.   There is also a parade at 1 PM for all kids that wear uniforms to the farm.

Those who buy admission will be able to take advantage of the farm’s summer special.  You can bring back your free photo souvenir any day until September 21st and all people in the photo get back in free!  They call it the 2012 Boomerang Special.  I like it!

I won’t be able to attend on July 3rd because of a prior commitment but I intend to be there pretty soon since it isn’t too far from my location.  If you can’t make it because you are too far away, please visit our corn maze directory in order to find when the corn mazes near you will open.  You may be lucky and find that you have access to a summer corn maze as well (even though most won’t open until September).

And here I thought that running through a corn maze was an October activity ?!  Sheesh … some farms are just planting their corn maze.


I know that you can’t wait to visit a haunted house this Fall.  If you are itching for a haunted house adventure this summer, but can’t make it to the traveling haunted house science exhibit, here is a free alternative (through July 2nd):

Xbox recently launched a new dashboard feature called Kinect Central which highlights games, deals and free demos for those with the Kinect peripheral.  As part of the launch of Kinect Central, Xbox is offering a free download of the haunted house adventure, Haunt, through July 2nd.  It is accessed through the console dashboard.

Haunt allows you to explore a haunted house that hasn’t been visited by humans in a generation.  It utilizes Kinect for Xbox to track your movement through the haunted house.  It has fairly good reviews on Metacritic, scoring 70 out of 100.

Get your copy today before the promotion is over!  I guess that I’m going to have to dedicate a section of Funtober to games.  This is the third one that I’ve covered this summer – you can read my post about Oktoberfest Manager and Shoot the Zombirds here.  And there’s also a game for Wii called Haunted House which I feel compelled to mention right now:

I will put it on my list of sections to work on!


It’s time to break out your Spiderman costume and stand in line at the box office for tickets to The Amazing Spider-man as it opens July 3rd, 2012. Spiderman 4 replaces Toby Maguire and Kirsten Dunst with Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone.

I’ve already featured this movie on my list of six movies that will inspire Halloween costumes in 2012. You can take a look at the early photos of the Amazing Spider-man costume that Andrew Garfield wears in the movie at Screen Rant. It is expected to earn over $300 million from U.S. box office ticket sales and should be a popular costume with boys this Fall.

Later this month, the next installment of the Batman series, The Dark Knight Rises, will be released on July 20th. It is expected to top $400 million at the box office in the United States. For those interested in the costumes, here are the batman and catwoman costumes from the movie.

August will see the release of two more films that should be up the alley of Funtober visitors: ParaNorman and The Apparition. ParaNorman is an animated comedy adventure film about a New England town that is overrun by Zombies.


The Apparition is a supernatural thriller about a young couple that is haunted by a presence conjured during a university experiment.

I hope these films keep you satisfied until the release of Sinister and Hotel Transylvania. Enjoy!