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Buy an Addams Family costume to join this macabre but lovable family for Halloween. The bizarre and eccentric members of the Addams Family have been charming fans for more than 80 years, from their cartoon origins to multiple adaptations for television, feature films, and musicals. These fascinating and delightful characters are a long-standing part of American entertainment culture, making Addams Family costumes a great choice for a group costume theme or as a standalone look for an individual. The family includes Gomez (originally unnamed), Morticia Addams (almost certainly his wife), Wednesday Addams and Uncle Fester. Shop our selection of Addams Family costumes for this October:

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Gomez is always dashing in his smart, striped suit and trademark mustache, and you can grab some fake $1000 bills and a cigar or two to complete the look.
Morticia is both sexy and elegant, with her long, black hair, whitened skin, and form-fitting, Gothic dresses. To get into character, remember that Morticia has a strong musical sensibility and can drive Gomez wild by speaking in a foreign language (typically French). Oui, c’est vrai!
Wednesday is the young and troubled child of Morticia and Gomez. She always wears her dark hair in two braids, and she rarely smiles. While her character is a young girl, Wednesday can be a fun costume inspiration for an adult with her schoolgirl clothes and innocent-looking braids. For an extra nod to Wednesday’s favorite hobby, bring along some fake spiders to disperse around the party at opportune moments.
For the quirkiest member of your group, Uncle Fester is the obvious choice. With his fur cloak, bald head, blackened eyes, hunched posture, and rather crazy smile, an Uncle Fester costume is all about playing the part. Just act a bit loony and off your rocker, and you’ve got it nailed. Add a portable electricity ball to the look, and you’ll be the hit of the party.
These great Addams Family costumes are ideal for Halloween or maybe you just might want to wear them everyday around the neighborhood. Ok just kidding.