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Select your outfit from these The Nightmare Before Christmas costumes including our Jack Skellington costume and our Sally costume:  In The Nightmare Before Christmas, we are introduced to Jack Skellington, also known as “The Pumpkin King,” who is the leader of a magical place called Halloween Town. Home to all sorts of ghouls and goblins, Halloween Town is filled with vampires, witches, werewolves, ghosts, and countless other monsters and beasts. One night, Jack accidentally opens a portal that leads to another dream world called Christmas Town. Thus begins a tale filled with plots and schemes, budding love, and redemption.

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When picking your Night Before Christmas costume, our intrepid love interests, Jack and Sally, are playful and inspired costumes. Jack is a skeleton who wears a pin-striped suit and a bat-shaped bow tie. An excellent prop to accompany your Jack Skellington costume is a stuffed version of his ghost pet: Zero, the dog. Sally is a rag doll, stuffed with leaves and stitched together in a rather haphazard way. Be sure to carry a sewing kit as part of your Sally costume, since that is exactly what she does in the movie to repair any unexpected injuries.