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Frankenstein costumes, made popular by the Boris Karloff character, are always a big hit at Halloween.  He is just a big misunderstood monster.  Frankenstein or maybe Dracula might be the most iconic of all horror characters ever created. Written by Mary Shelley, Frankenstein is a novel about scientific arrogance, unintended consequences, alienation, and loss, as explored through the story of a monster created in a laboratory.

While most people think of the monster when they hear the name “Frankenstein,” in actuality that was the name of the doctor in the novel. Dr. Frankenstein experimented in combining and reanimating various body parts, but he never gave his ultimate creation a name, instead just referring to it as “the creature” or “the monster.”  Put yourself into one of these Frankenstein costumes this fall.

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If you're aiming for a Halloween costume that embodies the true spirit of this spooky season, a Frankenstein costume is a fantastic choice. Rooted in classic literature and cemented in pop culture by numerous films, Frankenstein's monster is a timeless symbol of horror. Choosing this costume not only displays an appreciation for iconic horror characters but also presents numerous opportunities for creativity in costume design and accessories.

The origin of Frankenstein's monster traces back to Mary Shelley's novel "Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus" published in 1818. However, it's the myriad film adaptations that have shaped our collective image of the creature. Universal's 1931 film "Frankenstein," starring Boris Karloff as the Monster, is perhaps the most iconic. The Monster's story continued in a series of Universal horror films like "Bride of Frankenstein" and "Son of Frankenstein." Despite being a creature born from tragedy and longing for acceptance, the Monster often finds himself feared and rejected, adding a layer of depth to this classic horror figure.

Designing a Frankenstein costume involves several essential accessories to achieve that classic monster look. First and foremost is the makeup or mask that recreates the Monster's pale, stitched skin and sunken eyes. A flat-top black wig, or a hat if you prefer, contributes to the Monster's towering height, as do platform boots. The clothing itself is typically a ragged suit, emphasizing the character's outcast and disheveled status. Finally, consider adding bolt necklaces or even prosthetic bolts on the neck, a feature popularized by the Universal films.

Group costume ideas featuring Frankenstein can be a fun and innovative way to celebrate Halloween. Friends can team up as different classic Universal Monsters such as Dracula, the Wolfman, the Mummy, and the Creature from the Black Lagoon, forming a monster mash in the spirit of the 1967 film "Mad Monster Party?" For a more focused theme, the group can depict various characters from the Frankenstein universe, including Victor Frankenstein, the Bride of Frankenstein, and perhaps even Dr. Pretorius, the eccentric antagonist from "Bride of Frankenstein."

For couples costume ideas, the most iconic pairing is undoubtedly Frankenstein's Monster and his Bride, complete with her iconic beehive hairstyle streaked with white. However, other combinations can also work, such as Frankenstein's Monster and Victor Frankenstein, the scientist who created him. This pairing reflects the deep and tragic connection between creator and creature, adding an interesting dynamic to the Halloween festivities.

In conclusion, a Frankenstein costume is a timeless choice for Halloween. Whether you're going solo, as a couple, or in a group, the character's rich history and iconic status make it a stand-out option. With a variety of accessories and ideas to choose from, this costume allows for creativity while honoring a true classic of the horror genre.

Shelley’s work has since been adapted into multiple mediums on numerous occasions, including many films, television shows, and plays. While representations of the monster vary, generally depictions are of a large, lumbering man with pasty skin, massive shoulders, a shock of black hair, and bolts in his neck. Boris Karloff’s portrayal of the Frankenstein monster helped solidify this appearance and continues to be the most popular representation to date. To go along with your Frankenstein costume, you can fully immerse yourself in the role by moving in a disjointed manner and speaking very little (or not at all).

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The Bride of Frankenstein Description:

10613 Features: -For children.-Gender: Female. Includes: -Includes: Dress and wig.

Boys Frankenstein Universal Monsters Costume Description:

Child’s Frankenstein costume jacket with shirt-front and headpiece
IMPORTANT: Costumes are sized differently than apparel, use the Rubie’s Child Size Chart, do not choose based on child’s age or clothing size
Officially licensed Universal Studio’s Monster costume; look for authentic trademarks and packaging

Mens Universal Monsters Frankenstein Costume Description:

Includes: Jacket With Attached Shirtfront, Green Make-Up And Headpiece

Rubie’s Child’s Monster Bride Costume, Large Description:

Monster bride costume dress and leggings with printed “stitches”
Headscarf included; jewelry and shoes available separately
IMPORTANT: Costumes are sized differently than apparel, use the Rubie’s Child Size Chart, do not choose based on child’s age or clothing size

Disguise – Girl’s Monster Bride Costume Description:

Includes: Dress, Petticoat, Hat With Bow, Drape And Two Hat Bolts
Boot Covers, Leg Warmers, Glovettes, Pantyhose And Purse Not Included.

Leg Avenue Women’s Frankie’s Bride Costume Description:

Quality materials used for all leg avenue products
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