Stranger Things Costumes - Eleven, Dustin, Demogorgon Costume Ideas & Accessories for Sale

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Stranger Things Costumes - Eleven, Dustin, Demogorgon Costume Ideas & Accessories for Sale

Strange Cargo Waupaca Wisconsin Parody T-Shirt


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Halloween is a time for thrills, scares, and paying homage to our favorite pop culture moments, and few TV series have provided as much inspiration in recent years as Stranger Things. As a cultural phenomenon, Stranger Things combines 80s nostalgia, riveting storytelling, and memorable characters into a unique blend that has taken the world by storm. Choosing a Stranger Things costume for Halloween is a brilliant way to connect with this beloved series, allowing you to embrace its charm while making a statement at any Halloween gathering.

Set in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana, in the 1980s, Stranger Things has a wide array of main characters, each with their distinctive style and personality. The show revolves around a group of friends: Mike Wheeler, a loyal friend and leader; Dustin Henderson, the lovable and enthusiastic comic relief; Lucas Sinclair, the pragmatic and steadfast friend; and Will Byers, whose disappearance in the first season sets the series' events into motion. Then, there's Eleven, a mysterious girl with telekinetic powers who becomes integral to the group. Other major characters include the rebellious teen Jonathan Byers, his determined mother Joyce, and Jim Hopper, the gruff but caring town sheriff. In later seasons, we also meet Max, a skateboarding girl with a tough exterior, and her older step-brother Billy, whose charm hides a dangerous temperament.

A range of costume accessories can help you bring your favorite Stranger Things character to life. For Eleven, consider her iconic pink dress paired with a blue jacket from Season 1, or perhaps her slick black outfit from Season 3. A box of Eggo waffles is a must for authenticity. Dustin's look wouldn't be complete without his trademark trucker cap and a Camp Know Where T-shirt. For Hopper, consider a sheriff's uniform, or his tropical shirt and denim ensemble from Season 3. And don't forget the 80s staples like high-waisted jeans, flannel shirts, and varsity jackets to capture the vintage feel of the series.

Stranger Things offers a plethora of group costume ideas, as the series focuses on friendship and teamwork. You could form your very own Hawkins AV Club with Mike, Will, Lucas, and Dustin, or assemble a girl power group with Eleven, Max, and Nancy. Alternatively, you could represent the adult characters by pairing Joyce's Christmas light sweater with Hopper's sheriff uniform or his Hawaiian shirt. Another standout group idea is dressing as the 'Scoops Troop' from Season 3, featuring Steve in his sailor-themed ice cream parlor uniform, Dustin with his Camp Know Where attire, and Robin in her Scoops Ahoy uniform, complete with Erica in her yellow and black outfit.

Couples, too, can find ample inspiration in Stranger Things. Joyce and Hopper are a favorite pair, given their shared history and evolving relationship throughout the series. Younger couples might consider Mike and Eleven, whose innocent, on-and-off relationship is a core part of the series. Nancy and Jonathan, the investigative duo, are another fantastic choice for couples, combining Nancy's prim and proper style with Jonathan's more casual, grunge-inspired look.

In conclusion, Stranger Things provides a treasure trove of costume ideas for Halloween. The series' charming 80s aesthetic, unforgettable characters, and thrilling supernatural elements make it a fantastic theme for your Halloween costume. Whether you're stepping out solo, as a couple, or part of a group, choosing a Stranger Things costume guarantees a Halloween filled with fun, nostalgia, and more than a little bit of adventure.

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Strange Cargo Waupaca Wisconsin Parody T-Shirt Description:

Designed and printed in Chicago, Illinois near the shadows of Wrigley Field in the good old United States by Strange Cargo Tees.
This is an original custom designed shirt.
Strange Cargo Tees is the only authorized seller of this product.

Rubie’s Adult Stranger Things Season 2 Eleven Plaid Shirt Description:

Officially licensed Stranger Things costume item, look for trademark to help insure you’ve received authentic, safety-tested merchandise. Costume shirt in the style of the plaid shirt worn by Eleven in Season 2. IMPORTANT: Costumes are sized differently than apparel, use the Rubie’s Female Size Chart, do not choose based on age or clothing size.

miccostumes Girl’s Pink Cosplay Beading Dress Costume including Socks Description:

It is a pink dress which is suitable for cosplay show or daily use. The ruffles on the bust and cuff makes the dress more lovely. The back of the dress is designed with a zipper.

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