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The classic Munsters costumes sold by Funtober feature Herman, Lily, and Eddie characters this Halloween.  A 60’s television series still creating memories years later.  The Munsters was a popular TV show that ran in the mid-1960’s, during the same period as The Addams Family, and featured a comical family of good-natured monsters living a typical suburban American lifestyle. The basic premise of The Munsters is a comedic take on the concept of characters inspired by classic literary and film monsters living a wholesome life in Anytown, U.S.A.

Herman is the head of the Muster household. He’s a brutish fellow who is extremely tall and strong, with green skin (though with the show being in black and white, you might not know it). Despite throwing destructive temper tantrums on a regular basis, he is depicted as being quite sweet and naïve, and easily suckered by schemes and “chance of a lifetime” opportunities. While his family finds him very handsome, the rest of the world finds him extremely scary looking. He can’t look in a mirror without breaking it, so carrying a cracked mirror is a great extra detail for a Herman Munster costume.

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Last Major Update:

Herman’s wife, Lily, is a vampire inspired by Vampira. Her long, dark hair has striking white streaks in it, and she typically wears a long, princess-style, pink dress with black trim. Herman and Lily’s son, Eddie, is a werewolf with some vampiric tendencies. Carrying a stuffed werewolf doll like his favorite toy, Woof-Woof, would be an amusing prop for an Eddie Munster costume. Grandpa Munster, a crazy and adorable mad scientist, is another fun option for a Munsters costume. Grandpa Munster has a bat as a pet, so carrying a fake bat is a good way to take this costume to the next level.

Short Descriptions for the Above Products:

Eddie Munster Costume – Plus Size – Chest Size 46-50 Description:

*Officially Licensed
*Jacket with attached shirt
*Shorts, Bow Tie & Mask

The Munster’s Herman Mask Description:

Latex herman munster mask with foam forehead and neck bolts
Exquisite detail from the laugh lines to the individually formed hairs
One size fits most

The Munsters Adult Herman Munster Costume (Rubie’s) Description:

Herman munster costume includes full length brown jacket with attached black shirt, matching elastic waist pants, and foam mask. Half mask covers from the upper lip up, allowing you to eat, drink, and converse you may paint the bottom portion of your face to match the mask. Standard size costume fits up to a 46-inch chest, 36-40-inch waist, and a 33-inch inseam.

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