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Saw costumes are very frightening.  The Saw franchise is a relative newcomer to the horror scene, but it has made quite a mark in its nine years of existence. Across seven films, director James Wan has brought us more gore and truly terrifying cinematic moments than many other horror films combined.

The general premise of Saw is that John Kramer, who will become The Jigsaw Killer, has an epiphany that makes him decide to strongly encourage other people to appreciate the value of their lives. To achieve this, he forces them into intricate and potentially deadly tests where they must sacrifice an essential part of their bodies or their character to prove their worthiness to live. Typically the tests are meticulously designed to reflect the flaw that caused Jigsaw to select them for his form of “rehabilitation.”


Billy is the most iconic of Saw characters, as he is the ventriloquist puppet Jigsaw uses to hide his identity when providing the instructions for the test to his victims. Billy wears a black suit with a red bowtie, and has a vaudevillian look drawn straight from the freak shows of the past. His bright white complexion, red irises, and the red circles on his cheeks give him an eerie, insane appearance. For a Billy costume, it’s best to act like the puppet you are: disjointed movements and a speech pattern that mimics the movie. Even better, prerecord certain statements on a voice recorder and make people push “play” to hear your response.